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Hypnosis for Exam Test Interview Audition

Hypnotherapy for Driving Test and Exams Interview or Audition Confidence in Ipswich or Skype.
I have worked as an Actor and Salesman in some high powered companies. I am a qualified Drama Teacher. I have also run my own Theatre Company so have employed people. In addition I have years of experience with Hypnotherapy and NLP – even working in Harley Street with Models and Actors and people in the Media.
I have taught trained or directed many actors singers and dancers or helped presenters or journalists.

I have helped many people get that job or pass that exam or driving test.
I was able to help one Teacher who had only one more opportunity to pass his oral exam to become a Teacher. He had failed every time even though his written grades were excellent.
This time, I am pleased to say, he passed. He knew his stuff he was just blocked by nerves or stage fright.

I helped many people pass their Driving Test who had failed numerous times because of nerves.

Thank goodness this time – They passed.
Passed driving test

DISCLAIMER: Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy and should not be considered a replacement for Medically advised treatments and results can vary from person to person.

Hypnotherapy and NLP for Business people
I was able to help an ex plumber land a big responsible job that he never thought he would get with a multinational oil company.

Sales people can benefit from some simple techniques and close more sales.
I helped one salesman who could never present without blushing.
There are many obstacles to success for Business Owners as well as their staff. Procrastination to name but one. Improving People skills and much more …

Call: 01473 879561 Text or Call:07875720623
Hypnotherapy for Actors Singers Dancers and Media Presenters Confidence in Auditions and Interviews and tackling Stage Fright
I helped both an Actress and a Cabaret Singer to get beyond their nerves in Audition and Performance.
I helped a singer with crippling stage fright.
When I was employing actors for a workshop I wondered why some were good at auditions and some were not. They were all talented – but the short list was easy.
It was because some came in prepared. They looked me in the eye and smiled. They had Googled me and found out about the project ansd had pertinent questions. They shone in their audition.
The others failed on a number of levels. I took some time to give them feedback – something they almost never get. I did so in the hope of helping them take themselves to the short list.
So now I work with people using a combination of my skills as Director Teacher hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. Mainly because I have been there myself I could truthfully talk of how that actor could get that job, that salesman close that sale, that person pass the driving test or get good grades in the exam.
I would love to help you.
You can see me at one of my practices in Ipswich Suffolk. By Skype. Onsite at your place of Work .. whether it be an office or theatre or film or TV set.
Talk to me for free you can email me with your phone number or leave a message by text or speech on my mobile and give me some times to call.
Call: 01473 879561 Text or Call:07875720623
Graham Howes ASHPH GHR registered GHSC regulated
Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner
Middlesex University and New College of Speech and Drama Teacher of Speech Drama and English (Distinctions)
Hypnotherapy for Passing Exams Driving Test and Interview Success or Audition Confidence and Stage Fright in Ipswich Suffolk 

Stress in The Workplace – What it is and How to Use it Productively

Talking about Stress at Work by Graham Howes

Stress is one of the biggest killers in the World today. However, there is no reason why Stress could not be harnessed in a more productive way.

Stress is a normal, necessary function of everyday life. There is stress when you must meet a deadline, drive in heavy traffic, or run late for a meeting. Stress is a natural and essential component of human existence, and in moderate doses, stress is even healthy and beneficial for mental and physical functioning.

During times of stress our brain pumps specific hormones and neurotransmitters, such as cortisol and adrenaline. These chemicals are associated with the “fight-or-flight” response in our bodies. This might have been useful when facing a sabre tooth tiger – but we don’t need the feelings of hyperstimulation, anxiety and panic, in most every day situations: such as explaining to the accountant about a minor overspend!

When these chemicals are released they excite our nervous system, increase our blood pressure, make our heart beat faster and raise blood glucose levels. Our senses sharpen and we receive “a short-term buzz”, according to psychiatrist Dr. Lynne Tan of Montefiore Medical Centre in New York City, in an article on stress and mental health, for American Television.

Moderate short-term stress is beneficial because the chemicals released help to strengthen our immune system, improve performance and memory, and encourage positive mood. In all, stress helps us to accept challenges, take risks, and react quickly in an emergency. Our bodies create a burst of energy and “we can feel as if we are ready for anything.” However sometimes this can lead to severe and paralysing anxiety, “feeling stressed out” or even a Panic Attack.

Stress on the body and brain is necessary for us to react appropriately to situations, however, stress becomes unhealthy when the “fight-or-flight” response becomes overactive and inappropriate. The physical and psychological dangers of chronic stress are prevalent and can affect all aspects of daily life:

A human body: “doesn’t distinguish between physical and psychological threats,” explains Jeanne Segal, PhD, in her article published on – “Understanding Stress: Signs, Symptoms, Causes and Effects.”

For instance, when one is stressed over a busy schedule, argument, traffic jam, or finances: “the body reacts just as strongly as if it were facing a life-or-death situation.”

While experiencing high amounts of chronic stress the nervous system continually releases large amounts of hormones. The brain does not get an opportunity to reach a healthy level of homeostasis or mental equilibrium. Thus, the over-activity and excessive stimulation of these hormones, that are supposed to be used for only short-term instances, can kill brain cells, and cause many other unhealthy consequences; such as high blood pressure, muscle tension, mental and physical exhaustion.

“Chronic stress affects nearly every system in your body,” Segal explains. People who suffer from chronic stress also experience emotional sensitivity, and other physiological symptoms, such as headache, diarrhoea, nausea, restlessness, loss or increase of appetite.
Chronic Stress can also “suppress the immune system, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, contribute to infertility, and speed up the ageing process.

Long-term stress can even rewire the brain leaving a person more vulnerable and susceptible to anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

Hypnotherapy is one modality for retraining the person to use stress in a calm and productive way, to utilise the buzz of adrenaline, and yet to avoid getting into the hyper stimulation of fight or flight or chronic stress.

One related approach is using the NLP process of anchoring  – or training through Hypnosis to use Mindfulness in a constructive way. Each person is unique and so is my approach for each person.

Graham Howes Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner Stress Management

About Graham Howes: I was in Harley Street as a Hypnotherapist but am mainly in Ipswich Suffolk. I can offer onsite visits for Businesses for a wide range of bespoke interventions. I was also a Professional Actor and still Teach, Direct Theatre Shows and Write Plays with one hopefully going on a National Tour soon.

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The Obesity Epidemic – Is Britain the Fat Man of Europe?

“In 2014 62% of adults in England were classified as overweight (a body mass index of 25 or above) or obese, compared to 53% 20 years earlier. More than two-thirds of men and almost six in 10 women are overweight or obese.” Wikipedia

“Results for 2015 showed that 62.9% of adults were overweight or obese (67.8% of men and 58.1% of women). The prevalence of obesity is similar among men and women, but men are more likely to be overweight. A substantial proportion of obese adults have a body mass index (BMI) of well over 30.” Public Health UK

“Obesity epidemic in numbers: A person is considered overweight if they have a body mass index (BMI) between 25 and 29, and obese with a BMI of 30 and above. In England, 24.8% of adults are obese and 61.7% are either overweight or obese.” according to the Health and Social Care Information Centre NHS Choice.

What are the reasons why we are now so overweight or obese?

Bad eating is a part of the answer: 

My experience as a Certified HypnoGastricBand Hypnosis Weight Loss Hypnotherapist shows the following: 

People eat too much sugar fat and salt contained in snacks and junk food.

Sometimes this is self medication because of Stress Anxiety and for Comfort.

Some people are food addicts and cannot eat just a little of anything but have to binge the lot.

Cakes Biscuits Crisps Chocolate Burgers Pizza Ice Cream are all cited as favourite binge foods.

Alcohol in excess seems the answer at the end of the day.

Some people eat when bored.

Is any or all of this YOU?

That is why you have a weight issue and may be obese.

The diet won’t fix it – because studies at UCLA amongst others show that diets FAIL the moment people get bored and go back to their “NORMAL” way of eating because it is comforting. Bingeing, picking and nibbling or grazing, or addictive eating and misuse of alcohol are typical responses. Because you “starved” yourself you may put on MORE weight.

Some diets are dangerous because they are abnormal to your body.

Wonder Pills and Potions are gimmicks – Shekes are temporary and boring – If I asked you to replace one meal a day with Pineapple you would probably lose weight but get bored with Pineapple quickly.

Any Restrction or Starvation Diet may work short term but less likely long term.

Diet drinks containing Aspartame actually make you more hungry and may be carcinogenic – anyway do you really want to ingest unnecessary chemicals? 

A lot of the nonsense in Magazines and Newspapers is just to get you to buy the publication. Most of it is short term.

Bariatric Surgery is risky expensive and works up to a point – but if you didn’t address why you overeat you may find you are finding ways around the gastric band – I have treated many who have had weight loss surgery and are blitzing food to get past the system!

Actually you really need to:

Understand WHY you overeat 

Use Weight Management and Portion Control

Take a Course of Hypnotherapy such as the HypnoGastricBand to understand your eating and how to control it.

The Course motivates you to eat better and get moving (in a way that you can).

It is Holistic and deals with all the things that drive overeating such as:

Anxiety or Panic or Worry



Low self esteem or lack of confidence


Trauma or Abuse

Obesity can lead to Heart Trouble, Osteoarthritis, type 2 Diabetes (which is reversible with good eating), Cancer and more ..

I offer a FREE CONSULTATION face to face in Ipswich Suffolk or by Skype or Phone 

Call or Text: 07875720623


Graham Howes Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner Certified HypnoGastricBand Hypnosis Weight Loss Professional CNHC Approved GHR Registered GHSC Regulated in Ipswich Suffolk and by Skype (Previously Harley Street)

How to Treat Binge Eating Disorder and Obesity

How to Treat Binge Eating Disorder and Lose Weight for Good – Weight Loss that Works

Weight Loss with Hypnosis to Tackle Obesity

There is a perception that losing weight is about counting calories, sins, dieting or using meal replacements or taking the latest wonder drug or pill.

Obesity is often seen as difficult to deal with with a sense that bariatric surgery is the only option when the diet counselling or CBT fails.

We have known for a long time that the diet and the attendant obsessions with pounds lost often leads to WEIGHT GAIN. Enough of yoyo dieting or boom and bust! This is a radically different 21st Century Approach – we know the diet works short term and when you go back to “normal eating’ back comes the weight!

Weight Loss is actually a mindset issue.

If you really want to tackle obesity or binge eating disorder  then you need to tackle WHY you overeat. I run weight loss with hypnotherapy courses which include Hypno Gastric Band hypnosis.

These sessions tackle the underlying drivers and triggers of craving or “food addiction”. Actually the overeating is usually triggered, in my experience, by low self esteem, boredom, anxiety, stress, depression, lack of confidence and more. I have seen clients who comfort eat or binged as a defence mechanism who had suffered physical and / or sexual or domestic abuse or trauma.

There are many reasons why people might use food for comfort and they might binge or constantly pick and nibble or graze. These are generally coping habits rather than food addictions. If you recognise the patterns that trigger the cravings then you will stop self medicating with food. There is a sense in which food has become for some like a tranquilliser.

I work with clients to address these coping habits with strategies and by questioning their default thinking processes.

We put in place a weight management approach. The truth is that obsession with small amounts of weight lost or gained is too obsessive and calorie control or starvation or meal replacement or other slimming regimes are frankly BORING.

Weight loss is also almost never in a straight forward downward line: If you go to the Gym and gain muscle mass you will appear to gain weight. You might lose a lot of water at first and then it all slows down as you tackle the fat. This is not failure – you have to recognise that until you find your stable weight and size you will be up and down in weight.


If you assume that you have failed then you will go back to overeating. Actually failure should be a lesson to improve!

The final session is the revolutionary HypnoGastricBand. This is the last session – because I have treated real Gastric Band patients who were STILL trying to overeat because they had not dealt with the Psychological factors of their being overweight or obese.

I have been a Certified Hypno Gastric Band Practitioner since it appeared and have seen many clients with a high success rate because we work together to help you lose weight and tackle the drivers for obesity.

Talk to me for FREE – each person has their own reasons for overeating, and tackling obesity or just being overweight, is about working with the individual.

This holistic approach not only deals with the root causes of overeating but helps you deal with your issues in life – low self esteem, depression, lack of confidence, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma , PTSD procrastination, boredom, addiction or what ever is your particular problem.

If you are a Comfort Eater, Binge Eater or simply cannot seem to stop picking and nibbling or grazing – talk to me.

If you are overweight or labelled obese (BMI over 28) and tend to yo yo diet – talk to me for FREE.

FREE CONSULTATION: Text or call 07875720623 or email: and I will call you in confidence.

Website for easy weight loss

Graham Howes Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and Certified Hypno Gastric Band Practitioner since 2010

About Graham Howes – Weight Loss Specialist in Ipswich:

I have practiced in Harley Street London W1 – currently I offer this approach at competitive rates in Ipswich or Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex or Worldwide or Nationwide by Skype. I have a great deal of experience with weight loss and eating disorders.

Hypnotherapy in Ipswich or Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex or by Skype for Eating Disorders: Binge Eating Disorder, Comfort Eating, Grazing, Anorexia or Bulimia, Food Addiction and more

What Smoking Does To Your Body And How to Stop Smoking

What Smoking Does to Your Body and How to Stop Smoking

“So smoking is the perfect way to commit suicide without actually dying.”
– Damien Hirst


It wasn’t long ago when tobacco companies were using doctors in their advertisements to promote their cigarette products. I have seen an advert from the 1950s where a doctor suggests smoking as a remedy for stress!

But the times have changed — and thanks to a greater awareness surrounding the dangers of smoking — rates of smoking in the United States and UK has declined dramatically.  However 40 million Americans, for instance, continue to smoke on a regular basis, placing them at risk for a number of health complications. To learn more about the ways in which smoking affects the human body, keep reading.

The Dangers Lurking in Cigarette Smoke

A typical cigarette contains roughly 600 different ingredients, many of which are toxic. If you though that was bad, though, just wait until you hear how many chemicals are inside cigarette smoke.

Once lit, the composition of the cigarette changes, resulting in the creation of many new chemicals. According to the American Lung Association (ALA), there are approximately 7,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke — far more than the 600 in unlit cigarettes.

Here’s a short list of some of the up to 7,000 toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke:


Anetic acic







Carbon monoxide







Increased Risk of Heart Disease because of Smoking

Smoking is among the most influential risk factors of heart disease. This nasty habit damages the heart and arteries, increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, and cerebrovascular disease.

The toxic cocktail of chemicals found in cigarette smoke strain the heart, forcing it to pump faster while increasing the risk of blood clots. Heart disease remains the leading cause of death, this is something that shouldn’t be ignored, especially if you are a smoker.

Slows Down Circulation

Smoking may also have a negative impact on your circulatory system. When you smoke, the toxins will make your blood thicker (increases risk of blot clotting and strokes), while also increasing your blood pressure and heart rate.

Skin Wrinkles and Damage

This may not be quite as concerning as an increased risk of heart disease, but it’s still worth noting that smoking can damage the skin. The nicotine found in cigarette smoke causes the blood vessels in the outer layer of your skin to constrict and become narrower. This this occurs, it restricts blood flow to the skin, resulting in less oxygen and nutrients. And when your skin doesn’t get the appropriate amount of nutrients, it’s more susceptible to wrinkles and damage.

Increased Risk of Brain Damage

According to a study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, smoking damages the lining of the brain’s cortex, the region responsible for memory and cognitive function. The Public Health study in England also points out that smoking can increase your risk of having a brain aneurysm. This condition occurs when a blood vessel begins to bulge due to a weakened blood vessel wall, causing a potential fatal rupturing.

Increased Risk of Lung Cancer

smoking cessation in Ipswich
You can reverse damage due to smoking

We can’t talk about the dangers of smoking without mentioning its adverse effects on the respiratory system. It’s estimated that smoking accounts for 84% of deaths from lung cancer as well as 83% of deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

These are just a few of the disturbing ways in which smoking affects the human body. If you are looking to kick the habit, check out our help page here for more advice.

Get the support you need to make important life changes. If you would like to complement your therapy with an alternative treatment option (or need a place to start), you might consider trying hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy can help you deal with WHY you have felt a need to smoke and replace the smoking with healthy strategies. Whether your smoking is driven by habit, stress, anxiety or whatever we need to also deal with that.

Help you quit smoking for good. Be there for those who want you to stop.
Call for your FREE consultation. No pressure. No obligation. Let me help you understand what this might mean for you. I have used Hypnosis and NLP and have helped many quit smoking for good.

Make a Change with Hypnosis and NLP – Smoking Cessation with Hypnosis in Ipswich Suffolk

Graham Howes Stop Smoking Ipswich or Hadleigh Suffolk or Colchester Essex


Call or Text: 07875720623 or Email:

smoking 7

How to Stop Smoking With Hypnosis in Ipswich, Smoking Cessation, Quit Smoking Suffolk

When your Gastric Band isn’t working there is a treatment

What to do When Your Gastric Band is Failing you

I have had a sudden influx of people who are deemed to be obese who have the real Gastric Band. They had the Bariatric Surgery for obesity but are still trying to over eat.

Why is the Gastric Band not working?

The problem is that it sometimes works when you put the physical intervention of a Gastric Band or a Gastric Bypass etc BUT if the patient did not deal with WHY they overeat then they will often be in a worse position! They will crave to overeat but the Gastric Band, at least in some cases, stops them from doing that. So what do they do? They get creative.


The Gastric Band has little impact if they are a Sugar Addict or crave the tranquillising effects of Binge or Comfort Eating or Grazing!

Clients have admitted blitzing food in a liquidiser to get past the system. Puréed Fish and Chips anyone?

How Hypnosis NLP and Hypnotherapy can help with Obesity and a Real Gastric Band

I have a great deal of experience with the Virtual Gastric Band or HypnoGastricBand Hypnosis – sometimes known as Hypno Band or Mind Band – so now I am offering an after care service to deal with the overeating connected with the REAL Gastric Band.

We will find strategies for such things as stress, boredom, anxiety, worry, depression and more.

We will deal with the food addiction – if that is what drives the excessive eating or drinking. Actually it is a habit not an addiction.

Together we can tackle the chocolate or sugar or alcohol addiction.

Together we can tackle all the underlying reasons driving the overeating so that, with the Gastric Band, you get the overeating and obesity under your control.

We look at HOW to tackle obesity.

Which means that the Gastric Band can finally do it’s work and curb the appetite.

Graham Howes Certified Hypno Gastric Band Practitioner Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex GHR registered and GHSC regulated CNHC approved

Click Below for more information or text or call me for a FREE CONSULTATION and ASSESSMENT on: 07875720623

Hypno Gastric Band in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex or by Skype

How to make 2016 a better year with Hypnosis in Ipswich

How can you make 2016 a better year?

You are what you think

Janus is the Roman God of the New Year – he looks both backward and forward. It depends how you use the past as to how your future will be.


If you view the past as a terrible time and expect ore of the same then the probability is that you will get what you predict. If you use the past as a learning process and learn from past mistakes traumas and problems you will hopefully not make the same mistake and will make a new decision based on your experience.

You will look forward positively and optimistically. The more that you find success with your new positivity the more positive you will become.

Set yourself small goals at first and as you focus on succeeding you may well find that your confidence grows.

Failure is there to teach us to do things better – so if you “fail” learn from it and next time “fail better”.

Hypnotherapy and NLP combined helps you learn how to move beyond your limitations and begin to view Life in a more positive light – so the negative mindset which limits your growth – becomes a thing of the past.

You can be greater than you thought – each of us has innate skills that are unique to us. So let Janus be your portal into a great Life.

I am a Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner in Ipswich Suffolk and I enjoy helping people reach their potential.

Happy New Year

Graham Howes Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Ipswich Suffolk

What Links The Beatles, George Martin and a Hypnotherapist in Ipswich?

What Links The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix George Martin and a Hypnotherapist in Ipswich?


I have been watching a lot of TV shows about the Beatles which in turn caused me to seek out the many MP3 leaks of them working on so many of their great compositions. I also saw a programme on George Martin who was often called the “Fifth Beatle”.

So how does all that link to a Hypnotherapist in Ipswich?

When you hear The Beatles at work you realise that George Martin took all their creative challenges and made them happen. I listened to ObLiDi ObliDa as a Bossa Nova and realised that this would never have been as good as the ska inflected version of the final result! Penny Lane is far better for that Piccolo Trumpet vaguely mentioned by Paul McCartney as a “high trumpety thing” but realised and arranged by George Martin. The “strings from the Hitchcock Film” are understood by Martin to be the strings from Psycho as conceived by Bernard Herrman in the Shower scene and become the scherzo strings in Eleanor Rigby. George introduced The Beatles to many things like running music backwards and constantly took their creative challenges and arranged them and made them work and flawlessly produced them. George Martin was always the other part of that creative jigsaw and was partly responsible for all The Beatles best work.

He was also consulted when Jimi Hendrix went into the studio for the first time and complained that he could not get the guitar sound that he heard in his head. His Producer consulted George Martin who remembered a flangeing effect from the 1940s which distorted sounds in an interesting way. The mono effect was developed into a stereo effect in an interesting way and Hendrix’s trademark sound was born!

I am a Hypnotherapist based in Ipswich but also in Hadleigh Suffolk and Frinton on Sea and Colchester in Essex. I worked in Harley Street but I am also a Creative as I also have worked over many years as a Professional Actor Writer and Director and Drama and English Teacher. I have even appeared in Musicals professionally!

I worked with Creatives in Harley Street to help them move forward. I was struck how my role in helping people to face up to and overcome their challenges was like the role of George Martin: to be the best facilitator that I could be to help people move to the best resolution of their challenges that are possible in the circumstances. I am not saying that I have the great man’s experience and genius – but I can see how change happens when it is facilitated in the best way possible.

Graham Howes – Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk and Frinton on Sea and Colchester Essex

Telephone: 07875720623

Copyright Graham Howes 2015


How to be Confident

How to be Confident with Hypnotherapy and NLP

I am seeing many people, at my Hypnotherapy Practice, in Ipswich in Suffolk, for a lack of Confidence or Low Self Esteem and Social Phobia.

It is a rough tough world sometimes but we have all achieved success at some time in our Life and so it is better to dwell on your success than it is your failure.

Failure teaches us to do things better – or it should! When we buy into failure we are essentially buying into that lack of confidence rather than remembering that we are all unique individuals with something to contribute.

Whether in Business or Life Social Phobia, Lack of Self Esteem or Confidence can really hold us back and block our success in Life.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. – Samuel Beckett


We should regard Failure as teaching us and success as empowering us

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” ? H.G. Wells

The point about when it goes wrong is for us to learn and move on and try again.

I use Hypnotherapy and NLP to help people whether they are in Business, and have Presentations to make, or someone just trying to cope with Life. I help people get in touch with their successful times and put the failures into context as a valuable tool. And how to grow your confidence. Many people are like the swan – gliding along elegantly while paddling like hell underneath!

It is learning the right strategies that can definitely help. One client of mine was suicidal and had a raft of problems and now has a responsible high powered job with a multinational! Anything is possible.

Set yourself a realistic goal – when you achieve it your confidence grows in your ability to do, not only what you have to do, but what you want to do. You earn then learn how to be confident.

About Graham Howes:

I trained as a Drama Teacher and acted Professionally for 39 Years. I have written plays and directed them. I have worked in very high level Businesses in Sales and Sales Support. I trained Telemarketing Teams.

How to be Confident
Confidence can be yours

Graham Howes Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

Tel /Text: 07875720623


Hypnotherapy and NLP for Confidence in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk Colchester Essex and On Site for Business

Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Ipswich Suffolk – How to Lose Weight with Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Ipswich Suffolk and Hadleigh Suffolk

Weight Loss Hypnotherapist in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk

I was a specialist weight loss hypnotherapist in Harley Street. Since then I have been using hypnosis and NLP for helping people lose weight with hypnotherapy in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex.


 How to Lose Weight With Hypnosis

Gaining Weight and How to Reverse Obesity

We keep hearing that we have an have an “obesity epidemic” in the UK. Some of this, as in the USA, is because of ready meals and junk food. In fact the American Health Authority calls it “junkie food” because they say that people become addicted to fat sugar and salt in high levels in the food which makes them feel good for all of half an hour!

Unfortunately this has a bad impact on the waistline. It can also lead to depression, cancer, osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, heart trouble and more! Your knees and back don’t thank you either because for every stone overweight it is as if you were wearing a rucksack filled with fat. You try carrying a rucksack wearing a rucksack weighing even one stone and you will see what I mean!

Losing weight with dieting

The problem is that the diet industry has always known that when you stop the diet you go back to your “normal eating” – and when you do the weight piles on again!

So we get the boom and bust of yoyo dieting.

Quite honestly dieting is boring!

Diets tend to be starvation or exclusion diets

Starvation Diets

You are asked to cut down on calories or maybe you are allowed sins (I find calling food sinful a psychological no no!) or you eat shakes or ready meals.

Some diet ready made foods contain ground duck feathers to bulk you out or a substance like wallpaper paste that mimics fat.

You may find that if they are low in fat or salt they are high in sugar or vice versa.

Starvation puts pressure on the liver and kidneys and your autonomic system makes you crave to eat more.

You might have strong short term goals – such as a wedding – and you override the siren call of your hypothalamus – the governor of your appetite.

You drink diet drinks which might contain aspartame which studies show makes you hungrier and actually may cause cancer.

You get bored with the shakes or ready meals.

You do the High Fibre Diet and get good at sprinting ..

You crash diet to beat the weigh in.

The moment you weaken you binge and put the weight back on.

Exclusion diets

Don’t eat fish on a wet Tuesday! Eat lots of fat. Cut out carbs. Take as much fat as possible out of your diet. Fast on designated days etc etc.

A nutritionist friend told me how harmful these diets can be as your poor digestive system liver and kidneys suddenly take on a huge load of one particular type of food and suddenly lacks another food group.

I suggested that I should bring in a Pineapple Diet – where you substitute fresh pineapple for one meal a day. I would talk of it’s miraculous digestive powers. I would say it was high in Bromelane a digestive enzyme. I would say it was full of fibre and bulked you out. I would tell you to watch your calories in other meals.

You might do it and lose weight … until you got bored with Pineapple and it would go the way of the Grapefruit Diet!

Perhaps I would sell it to you in pill form extolling the virtues of some obscure chemical and it’s ability to break down fat.

If all this worked wouldn’t the NHS prescribe it?


Dieting Problems

The problem is that we become calorie obsessed: “I lost / gained a pound today!” It is rumoured that some weight loss counsellors get bonuses for every pound lost – hence the obsession with pounds.

Frankly you can gain or lose a pound depending on what time of the day that you weigh. A pound is nothing. The overall aim is to lose weight steadily – and there will be peaks and troughs depending where you are in getting rid of fat – for instance.

If you are in a time where weight stands still or even goes up a little you get depressed and abandon the diet – it is “not working” – so you may as well comfort yourself with food.

Or maybe you feel it is all your fault?

Actually: You are fighting your body’s natural equilibrium.

Weight Management with Hypnosis

My approach is to help you manage your weight without calorie counting or any other gimmick. You learn how to use portion size control and eat a balance of food stuffs that meet your body’s needs.

We can also look at some foods that actually might be making you ill or lacking energy.

We can examine whether a low carb diet is the way forward or actually whether it depends on what carbs you eat .. Is there any foundation to the Paleo Diet?

Are Raspberry Ketone Pills a waste of money?

Is Dukane Diet all it is cracked up to be or is it more simply a matter of a balanced diet managed well?

Learn how to listen to your body and realise when you are full and stop eating?

You take some exercise which you enjoy

Most importantly you address why you overeat and stop tranquillising yourself with food!

Why you overeat:


“The boss / customer yelled at me so I reached for my secret Chocolate Drawer!”

We tranquillise ourselves with sweets or food and binge or comfort eat.

We could however use a strategy to address the stress and also lessen the possibilities of being yelled at by someone: prioritising is one great strategy instead of eating.

The problem is that you stress eat and it makes you “feel good” for about 15 minutes and then the stress still hasn’t gone.

A little stress is a good thing – a lot can prove fatal! It is now one of the biggest killers.


“I get anxious and eating a snack makes me feel better.”

I had a client that I regressed to find out if she unconsciously understood her addiction to jelly babies. She recalled a long repressed memory of being eight years old and her Mother sitting her in a sunny garden and saying: “Never mind darling – when you have a problem eat a jelly baby and all will be well.”

Her 25 stone self thanked her Mother for that well intentioned dietary nightmare but realised that she didn’t have to address her anxieties that way.

I taught her how to diminish the anxiety and address the source of the anxiety.


“I get bored in the evening and watch TV and reward myself after a hard day with beer and snacks.”

This is a huge danger area for some people and eating late means you never really get to digest properly so the body deposits it as fat to digest later. Of course you never get to digest it later.

Boredom is a craving for company or mental stimulus – so we need to find a strategy for that … one client started making bespoke cards .. another loved reading and joined a book club and made friends … another rediscovered Art … another took up running again and is now doing half marathons .. another wrote her village history.

We also need to suggest gently that eating or drinking too much alcohol is not the best default.

Depression or PTSD or Trauma:

“I find that bad thoughts can be addressed with eating or drinking.”

Actually the fix is only temporary and overeating or drinking too much alcohol can lead to you spiralling out of control. Your self image is perceived as bad which makes you more depressed.

If the Comfort or Binge Eating is related to past trauma – perhaps it is time to stop letting that event or events affect you. The event, abuse or PTSD, continues to affect you. A properly qualified Hypnotherapist with training in Psychological Abuse Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder CAN help you move forward and stop self medicating with food or alcohol.

You cannot change what happened but you can alter how you feel about it and put it behind you.

There are many reasons for weight issues

I work with you using my many years of experience to find solutions to overeating or drinking too much alcohol. We work in a holistic way through the issues – so whether it is PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Boredom or anything else that causes you to tranquillise yourself with food we will find a strategy, explore nutritional alternatives, have some fun along the way, motivate you to lose weight and much more …

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