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Advanced Hypnotherapy in Ipswich Suffolk for greater Mental Health. Hypnotist Graham Howes is an experienced ex Harley Street Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner in Person or using Online Hypnosis by WhatsApp FaceTime Skype and Zoom to help you make a change for your Mental Health and Wellbeing.

When you want to make a change and it doesn’t seem to be working – here is how I might help you with a powerful combination of Hypnosis and NLP:

I ‘m Graham Howes – Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner based in Ipswich, Suffolk. I work with all age groups.

I work locally in person, and Nationally and Internationally, via Zoom Skype or FaceTime.

I use advanced Hypnosis and NLP techniques, with some counselling, and regression to work with many Mental Health issues: Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Depression, Stress, Insomnia, Confidence, Pain Relief, Psychological Trauma, Smoking and Advanced Weight Loss without “dieting”, and Addictions (eg alcohol gambling drug sex), Toxic relationships (partners with NPD) amongst many other issues, even complex issues, to help you to learn strategies to diminish, and even often get rid of, the issues that might be holding back your success.

I want to help you to find a tailored strategy that works for you and deal with WHY the problem is happening.

And empower your ability to self care for your ongoing mental and physical wellness and wellbeing. **

Please take a look at the menus or treatment page to see if I can assist you with a specific issue such as Anxiety, Panic, Trauma or Pain, Smoking Habit or Alcohol or Drug Addiction, Weight Loss or Eating issues, Fear or Phobia, or even a complex of concerns.

Hypnotherapy in person in Ipswich Suffolk

I am back to seeing people face to face in Ipswich with appropriate social distancing and caution.

Obviously if you are feeling ill or have a temperature please notify me and postpone.

I have been regularly tested, I am triple vaccinated against coronavirus, and am Covid-19 free – injected and inspected – please let me know if you have been recently tested.



Available ONLINE via Skype grahamhowes1 or FaceTime WhatsApp or Zoom.

Text +44 (0) 7875720623 

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

To set an appointment or for a free consultation.

Call or Text: 07875720623

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Advanced Hypnotist Online Worldwide and Nationwide – Online and In Person Hypnosis from Hypnotherapist Graham Howes

Uses of Hypnotherapy


I’m GHR Registered and GHSC Regulated. CNHC Approved. Enhanced Disclosure Certificate (Criminal Record Check cleared) . HypnoGastricBand – Certified Weight Loss Professional since 2010.  Ex Harley Street Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. PTSD and Trauma training.


Bespoke Treatment with Advanced Hypnosis and NLP – Therapy world wide by Skype at grahamhowes1 or by FaceTime +44 (0) 7875720623 or by Zoom or WhatsApp



Maybe you are interested in Hypnotic Regression to try to find the source of the problem and resolve it?

Or a Past Life Regression or Life Between Lives!

Hypnotherapist in Ipswich Suffolk
Hypnotherapy in Ipswich Suffolk

More on Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis:

Hypnotherapy and NLP combined can help you make a change:

What would it be like if you were free of that anxiety, restriction, habit, or addiction? 

Can you imagine if you were actually able to lose weight or give up smoking and succeed in your aim long term?

What about that pain or that lack of confidence? I can help you build self esteem and minimise pain.

Are you depressed, stressed, anxious, angry, or traumatised, or all of these, and feel there is no answer? What if there was an answer for you?

Do you suffer from Insomnia? I can help you sleep properly again without medication.

Do you have a restricting fear or phobia? Picture yourself free of that restriction.

It’s worth a free chat isn’t it?

Call: Graham on 07875720623 or 01473 879561 or Skype me on grahamhowes1

Zoom or FaceTime or WhatsApp are also available to you.

NHS Discounts for members

Hypnotherapy in Ipswich Suffolk
Hypnotherapist in Ipswich Suffolk

Please call me to discuss if Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP is for you 07875720623

Initial consultation by Phone is free of charge. Or you are welcome to have a free face to face consultation at my Ipswich Practice with an option to walk away and think about it or go into a treatment session.

The initial consultation is so that we can get to know each other better and discuss your issue. It takes about 30 minutes in which time I will explain what hypnosis is and answer any questions.

Hypnotherapy is gentle and relaxing and the only mind control is you learning how to better control your mind to achieve the changes that you want to make.

We are all products of our conditioning so far – good or not so good – we can change this to create a life where we strive for a better life.

You are under no obligation to proceed with me after the initial consultation for any reason. If you are seeing me at my Ipswich Practice if you wish to proceed we can start right away as I automatically allocate the time for therapy or if by phone you can book an appointment at a more convenient time. I can also help worldwide by Skype.

If I don’t think that I can help you after the initial consultation I will tell you and try my best to refer you to someone who may be able to help.

Single Sessions (up to 90 minutes) £70

Past Life Regression £70

Three Sessions (paid in advance) £195 – subsequent sessions if required at £65

Four sessions (paid in advance) £260

Hypno Gastric Band 4 part bespoke Weight Loss Course £280 (Local Competitor £370 for a generic course)

Four sessions allows me to tackle your issues systematically and thoroughly and gives you the chance to create new patterns of behaviour. If you have long standing problems it is advisable book in for four sessions.

Investing in multiple sessions of hypnotherapy will save you money.

Hypnotherapy sessions includes individual bespoke and holistic sessions designed to help YOU. The program is accompanied by information hand outs where appropriate and recordings of your bespoke session self-hypnosis MP3 recordings that cement in the work done during the hypnosis sessions.

A Few Testimonials: 
“Good afternoon Graham,
Just an update for you on (our daughter’s)  progress. She’s doing brilliantly and went back to school Friday! Yay! She has also gone shopping in town with and without another person, she has gone bowling and cinema and even eaten at a restaurant. She has accompanied me on longer dog walks too! We are still working on car journeys but all in good time.  She walks to school with friends.  I’m so proud of her so thanks again for helping her get there. Kind regards”
JE – Teenage Daughter  suffering with severe social anxiety and facial twitches

Graham has changed my entire outlook on life, he is really easy to talk to and after just a few sessions helped me massively with some life issues past and present that I was really struggling with.

Aimee Ward – Now a Reiki, Masseuse, and Acupuncture practitioner

“Graham Howes is not only a very talented hypnotherapist he has a wonderful way of making you feel totally relaxed and at ease. He has a wonderful human quality rare in a world full of egotistical therapists. I highly recommend him.”

Lynne Akers – Professional Wellness Practitioner

“Apologies for not replying last night, I fell asleep naturally. The first time this year! Graham, thank you so much! I’ve woken this morning as fresh as the day, walked the dog, made the wife breakfast in bed and am cracking on with my day with no anxiety in my body. This is amazing.”

Regards P T – Co-Founder & Managing Partner of a Major Finance Company for Insomnia

“I feel lucky to have met you – you have changed my Life in more ways than you know.”


“I came to see you for anxiety, depression, and trauma rooted in toxic relationships, you helped me deal with them and find strategies to live a normal life. Thank you”


“I didn’t think I’d find someone who could deal with smoking, drinking, and weight loss at the same time – but you persuaded  that all these things were interrelated and one year on I drink much less alcohol, have still stopped smoking, and have lost weight to my satisfaction and kept it off. More than anything else I have more insight into my character and a sense of who I want to be and how to go about achieving that …”


“You got me off my coke and alcohol habit and I feel much clearer headed. This has enabled me to start more business initiatives.”

A serial entrepreneur

I am forbidden to name clients by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council for Client Confidentiality except where explicit permission is given.

Hypnosis in Suffolk
Hypnosis in Ipswich

About Hypnotherapy:

Most of our behaviour is driven by our unconscious or subconscious mind.

One in three of us need help with Mental Health issues along the way and there is no more shame in getting help than there is in going to the gym to improve our physical health and appearance.

What happens to us is that we often repeat patterns of behaviour that don’t work for us.

It is as if there were a defective computer program running in the background, using learned behaviour, and based on previous experience.

However it seems to be directing us in directions that don’t benefit us.

A useful skill that we learn is how to drive a car or perfect a sport.

Sometimes, however, we also learn some habitual patterns that are not so good: If we are anxious or stressed – are craving alcohol, food, cigarettes or drugs – prescribed or otherwise – really the answer?

At best those are a temporary fix and they don’t really address what made us anxious or stressed or depressed in the first place.

This is an example of how we get into self restricting behaviour, or a habit, fear or phobia.

It is often about self protection or self medication.

Whatever drives your depression, anxiety, challenge, craving or habit, we can look together for a strategy to amend the way you react.

I will work with you holistically – so if Stress, Habit, Anxiety or Boredom, or any other reason(s) are behind your issue we will find a way to deal with it.

I utilise a mixture of counselling, life coaching, common sense, and cutting edge hypnotherapy and NLP techniques and vibrational hypnosis.

We may even have a few laughs along the way!

I can help you: “upgrade the program.”

This is all about self care enabling weight loss, increased confidence and controlling habits such as smoking, overeating, or over reliance on alcohol or drugs.  

Medication or self medication is useful, and sometimes very necessary, but it can be like putting a band aid on a festering wound. You need to deal with the wound.

Hypnotherapy and NLP help you make the permanent change that you want to be the best version of you

We spend a fortune on getting physically fit and well.

But people often don’t pay as much attention to improving their mental wellbeing and wellness – physical fitness is really only half the story.

I utilise Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP, Life Coaching, plus Common sense and long life experience.

I have grown my practice over 16 years and have worked in Harley Street.

I will work WITH you using simple, natural, safe processes and strategies to help you achieve what you want to achieve.

Hypnosis is like a software upgrade for the mind. It isn’t brain washing!

We will work TOGETHER to find you a strategy to move you forward with approaches tailored to you as an individual.

I am experienced in PTSD and Psychological Trauma as a hypnotherapist – so whatever is concerning you rest assured we will find a way forward in a non traumatic way.

I have helped many young people get past difficulties.

1 in 3 of us can do with help with our mental health – why not have a free confidential chat to see if I can help you?

Change happens with Hypnosis

Why Me?

I am very conscientious – I am a member of a reputable Hypnotherapy body the GHR – General Hypnotherapy Register.
And Hypnotherapists are also governed by professional bodies such as the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council – GHSC – and I have been approved by the CNHC – the gold standard for Complementary Therapists.
I have a broad and wide experience of treating complex and difficult issues.
I have worked in Harley Street, London W1 and Dance East in Ipswich.
I have an Enhanced Certificate from the Disclosure and Barring Service previously known as a Criminal Record Check which clears me to work with Children and Teenagers.
I am a Qualified Teacher and  I have worked in Business and have worked as a Professional actor, writer and director. I also run a new writing theatre company with my partner Karen.

I have a passion to tailor sessions that will work for the individual with whom I am working – it’s not a miracle cure but success rates are high.

I have a background in working with Business People to help professionals with a wide range of issues from smoking and weight loss to addiction and confidence or fears and phobias or Public Speaking. (My many years as Theatre Professional and Drama Teacher can help there!)


£70 single session 90 minutes plus FREE RECORDING of your bespoke treatment

Single Sessions (up to 90 minutes) £70

Past Life Regression £70

Three Sessions (paid in advance) £195 – subsequent sessions if required at £65

Four sessions (paid in advance) £260

Hypno Gastric Band 4 part bespoke Weight Loss Course £280 (Local Competitor £370 for a generic course)

US $85 (Multiple Bookings of three plus @ $80 per session)

Euros ¢85 (Multiple Bookings of three plus @ ¢80 per session)

All global Hypnotherapy by Skype in English

Typically I suggest a minimum of three sessions discounted to £190 for the course

HypnoGastricBand Weight Loss Four Part Course £280 designed to your needs and to deal with weight management and why you overeat.

(NB this is not yet another gimmick diet!)

FREE CONSULTATION: TEXT or CALL with times to call you 07875720623 or 01473 879561


Email: grahamahowes@me.com

Electronic Payments can be made in advance here: paypal.me/GrahamHowes


Hypnotist Hypnotherapist Hypnotism Ipswich Suffolk


Some of the issues I treat:

Mental wellness and wellbeing: Weight Loss, Obesity, Smoking, Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks, Insomnia, Habit, Fear, Phobia, Addiction, Confidence, PTSD, Trauma, Domestic and Sexual Abuse, Past Life Regression, Social Anxiety and Phobia, Sports Improvement with Psychology, Pain and Cancer Relief, Insomnia, Tinnitus, IBS, Test and Exam Confidence – and much more – please see my Treatments Page:

Hypnotherapy Treatments in Suffolk >

How Hypnotherapy Differs from pure Psychotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy, but it differs in that it deals directly with the unconscious mind, rather than the conscious mind. Because it deals with the unconscious, hypnotherapy can have quicker results than other therapies. This is why it is often called solution focused or brief therapy.

As hypnotherapists have the ability to connect directly with the unconscious mind it allows them to get to the root of the problem almost immediately. Working directly with the area of the mind where the problem lies can help with permanent behaviour change, which is the ultimate aim of recovery.

However, as there is still some skepticism where hypnotherapy is concerned, some people are reluctant to believe that it might work, and those who are not open to it may not respond positively.

But this type of therapy has been demonstrated to be a very powerful tool in the treatment of a variety of mental and physical health conditions, however you will need to be willing to change and open to its use.

As it has been around in some form for thousands of years – there must be some benefit to it!

Co-Occurring Mental Health Hypnotherapy Treatments Include:

  • Addiction or Habits – Drugs Alcohol Gambling Smoking etc
  • Fear or Phobia Disorder
  • Sleep Disorder – Insomnia can be managed
  • Anxiety, Stress or Panic Disorder
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  • Major Depressive Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Eating Disorders or Weight Loss
  • Pain Relief
  • Regression to cause and Parts therapy
How Advanced NLP and Hypnosis can help:

We are all special and unique individuals. I work with you to get to the underlying causes of your mental health issue.

I will use my long experience in Hypnotherapy, some of it in Harley Street, allied to a long experience of Acting, Writing, and Consulting for Business, and Teaching.

I utilise Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to help you overcome your limitations and change behaviours, including: habits, stress, trauma, anxiety, addictions, fears and phobias.

When the diet fails (again) I can help you really lose weight for good with a Weight Management course topped off with the Hypno Gastric Band Hypnosis.

Research at UCLA, amongst others, shows diets usually fail long term.

In fact we have known this since the first study in 1917!

It’s not you .. it’s the strategy that was short term and that leads to yoyo dieting.

So you need to address why you overeat and question and change a few parts of your life.

Who wants to calorie count or follow some gimmick trendy diet or take wonder pills or drink shakes?

Why not learn a very easy approach to eat normally and easily manage your weight?

Why not deal with what makes you unhappy and find a new happier life?

Hypnosis is very deeply relaxing and you are aware of what is happening at all times. 

An experienced hypnotist works within the agreed parameters discussed prior to a session.

Most clients make significant progress in three to four sessions.

I supply recordings of their individually tailored treatment for reinforcement or topping up.

I have many years of very broad experience in dealing with simple and complex issues with Hypnotism and NLP.

I work confidentially and compassionately with a no nonsense attitude.

We even have a few laughs!

Chances are I can help whatever your age or issue – please look around the site or contact me for a FREE confidential chat.


Hypnotherapy Practices near you:

Hypnotherapy Online Nationally and Internationally in Europe and USA:

Clients worldwide – as it makes no difference where you are if you have a reasonable internet connection. I have served clients in Virginia, Florida, Amsterdam, Barcelona, a Superyacht, Italy and France.

Hypnotherapy in Ipswich Suffolk:

I am close to Central Ipswich in Lacey Street Ipswich Suffolk IP4 2PH – near the Regent Theatre Sunday to Friday.


Central Colchester and Clacton area Essex

(Home Visits Currently – By Appointment only)

Call or Text: Graham Howes on Mobile: 07875720623

Call Landline: 01473 879561

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

Find out more >

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Suffolk UK – Hypnotism and NLP in Ipswich Suffolk or Colchester Essex

Graham Howes Hypnotherapist in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk
Graham Howes Hypnotherapist in Ipswich Suffolk

Where do you see yourself in one year?

Maybe I can help you get there?

“Know yourself and set yourself free.” Socrates

I believe that I am competitive on price, very passionate in my commitment to help YOU, and I have Harley Street experience. 

People successfully use my experience to work with them to help get over their problems. 

Electronic Payments by PayPal in advance can be made here: paypal.me/GrahamHowes

There are blogs onsite about Hypnotism and NLP: Blogs on Hypnosis

Hypnosis and NLP from Graham Howes – experienced Harley Street Hypnotherapist – Hypnotherapy in Ipswich Suffolk 

My Other Hypnotherapy Website in Essex:




Results may vary from person to person.

Hypnotherapy and other therapeutic Mental Health treatments do not replace medical advice. If you are worried about symptoms, or are experiencing health issues, always seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.

Safeguarding Statement:

Edge of the World Hypnotherapy and NLP acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice and educational establishment requirements.

Call or Text: Graham Howes for a FREE CONSULTATION without obligation on Mobile: 07875720623

Call Landline: 01473 879561

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

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Terms and Conditions: 24 Hours Notice is required for cancellation. If I do not receive cancellation I will lose money on room hire and also disappoint other clients. I work hard and prepare for each client based around consultation so refunds are at my discretion. I will refund if it seems reasonable to do so.

Privacy and Data Protection Statement:

I respect your privacy and I am bound by the GHR  to keep all consultations and treatments private and confidential.

I will never resell or otherwise pass on any client details whatsoever.

Here at Edge of the World Hypnotherapy and NLP we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to provide the products and services you have requested from us.

Note: All images and logos on this website are copyrighted to their respective owners.


Hypnosis and NLP Psychological Brief Therapy from an experienced Harley Street Hypnotherapist – Hypnotherapy in Suffolk or Essex area – Clinical Hypnosis for a Change – Graham Howes Hypnotist and Hypnotism for mental health wellness and wellbeing

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