Is Online Hypnosis Therapy effective?

Covid – 19 has seen people unable to get Hypnotherapy face to face. So many current and interested clients asked me if online hypnotherapy was as effective as individual face to face appointments?

Over the years I have been developing an online presence so it isn’t really a problem to be completely online at time of writing. It used to be in the UK that someone needed my specialist services and were out of the area in other parts of the UK I could still work with them if they could not get to me. I began working with clients in USA, Spain, Italy and many other countries.

I soon discovered that we would talk as normal and then as they had headphones on and had their eyes closed they were they were in any case listening to me and I could see them so I could see when they had processed some exercise.

So n other words there is little difference and it works as well! So have a free chat on 07875720623 or via Skype grahamhowes1. I can reach you via any visual platform you like WhatsApp, FaceTime Skype or Zoom.


Graham Howes Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner – Worldwide Hypnotherapy Online

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