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You Don’t Have to Count Calories to Lose Weight – Hypno Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Ipswich – Weight Loss and Lose Weight Hypnosis in Ipswich Suffolk – Also help you if you have a REAL Gastric Band!

Hypno Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss Hypnosis – What to do when the Diet fails (again):

Have you ever noticed that when you stop dieting – the weight comes back with a vengeance?

Losing Weight long term really isn’t about dieting.

Weight Loss needs to address WHY you put on the weight?

The diet industry knows that when you stop the diet the weight often returns.

Worse – you put on even more weight. UCLA studies have shown that you will often increase your weight with dieting in the long run.

The only slimming solution always seems to be another slimming club, wonder diet or some magic potion or slim pill.

You actually become the ultimate repeat business!

The first study that showed this was actually in 1917!!

And subsequent studies have proved this over and over – and yet another wonder diet seems like the only option to lose weight.

But if the diet or miracle pills or slimming shakes don’t allow you to lose weight and keep it off – what’s the use of that?

Weight Loss for the 21st Century is here – stop dieting and establish simple principles to lose weight for good.

This TAILORED approach deals with why you overeat and is holistic so any anxiety, stress, boredom or whatever drives overeating – we find a strategy for that.

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fbg_img_3The reason people overeat is often through Anxiety Depression Boredom Stress or Trauma.

Hypnotherapy is very effective in treating weight loss, anxiety, panic attacks, stress and depression. I will give you the tools to combat all these distressing conditions that might be driving self medication with food or booze.

Ask me how – free consultation 07875720623 WhatsApp Zoom FaceTime or Phone.

The good news is that there’s an easy and common sense way to lose weight and get control of your eating.

Even if clinically obese – there is a way to get the obesity in check without an operation or strict diet.

Let’s face it diets can be boring and can end up making you a tad obsessive!

I am Graham Howes – Weight Loss Hypnotherapist , Certified HypnoGastricBand Weight Loss Professional and NLP practitioner.

I work to help you to learn strategies to diminish and even eradicate the issues that are holding back your success in losing weight.

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Forget dieting and change how you eat

Lifestyle changes more important than dieting for real weight loss

‘Diet’ means ‘way of life.’
We are the only species to ‘go on a diet!’
We have known since 1917 and the first scientific enquiry that diets don’t work long term.
You have to tackle why you overeat and change your mindset around what you eat.
Even exercise is only a part of the change.
The main change has to be in how you eat.

THE HypnoGastricBand 4 part course is built around your needs.

Finally understand why you are overweight and stop yo-yo dieting.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be free of compulsive overeating?

What would it be like if you were able to lose weight with ease? 

Most of our behaviour is driven by our unconscious mind. 

Sometimes it’s like a defective computer program running in the background, using learned behaviour, and based on previous experience which is driving bad or unhelpful decisions. 

Upgrade the program and literally change your life with Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP!

Utilising Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP, counselling and long experience, I work WITH you using simple, natural, safe processes and strategies to help you achieve what YOU want to achieve.

It is like a software upgrade for the mind.

My many years of experience with weight loss has taught me that the problem with being either classified obese, or just overweight, is actually a mind set one.

It doesn’t matter whether this is Binge Eating Disorder, or Comfort Eating, or if you are a Grazer constantly picking and nibbling: these are all strategies to fulfill a need.

I treat each client as an individual with their own set of issues surrounding food which may have lead to overeating and devise an approach built around that person.


“My Gastric Band Hypnotherapy was so much easier then I thought, I almost instantly felt motivated and wanted to change the way I eat.

A month later I still keep a food diary, go for long walks and enjoy eating the better food! I’m so pleased with my weight loss so far, of 13 pounds after four weeks, and would recommend it to anyone’”

Ms H E

“I am absolutely fantastic, I am now working, I have lost lots of weight, I can actually go out and mingle with people but best of all I have complete piece of mind and finally after 35 years I am free from carrying all that sad emotional baggage around with me, it sounds rather dramatic but you have changed my life, God himself only know where I would have been if I hadn’t of trusted You, I have a nice card for you but if writing my thanks on here inspires just one troubled person to contact you it will be worth it, Wish I had found you years ago. I would love to see you again but I have no problems lol lol lol xxx” 

Mandy C on Facebook

“I had tried all the diets and every time I failed to lose weight : I have now lost 2 stone and still on target!” 

Mr Michael D

Recent testimonial from Diana Lee Facebook

“Stop thinking about it everyone go and do it ….. Changed my life for the better, I am now 2stone lighter and my dress size has gone for a 16 to a 12 just brilliant thank you Graham and my personal trainer Trish with her help and the loss of weight I can now run a 5k easily and am now training for a 10K next year……..”

“Just thought you would like to know: I have now lost 3 1/2 stone!” Ruth R

“Hi Graham,

Just thought you would like to know that since I first started seeing you I have lost just over 12 pounds so that is averaging out at around 2 lbs a week. The rate of loss has increased slightly with time. I am beginning to eat more mindfully without having to make a conscious effort and I am serving myself smaller portions and leaving food on my plate.

One unexpected advantage has been that my husband has started to lose weight more easily as I am serving him less too! He is pleased as we have both been struggling with our weight.

I am still listening to the sessions each day and have not yet worked through incomplete set of 2 repeats of each  session yet. ….

My Husband and I have given up our personal trainer who came to the house and instead have taken up ballroom and latin dance classes twice a week (we are both beginners) and a seniors movement class once a week. By the time we go on our Christmas cruise we hope to be able to shuffle around the dance floor without being totally embarrassed and without our two stomachs making too huge a distance between us if we waltz ! We still go to our exercise and  related theatre activities on Monday mornings and yoga for 1 1/2 hours on Tuesday. So overall we have spread and increased our physical activities  and still have a leisurely daily dog walk.” ….

Thanks for all your help so far.”

 Mrs H Essex

Before we have an awkward conversation – I know that the nutritional and Weight Loss advice I am supposed to give as a Doctor is woefully outdated!

NHS Doctor – Client for Weight Loss 

Graham Howes Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner since 2007.

Certified Hypno Gastric Band Practitioner since 2010 and previously Weight Loss Specialist working in Harley Street London W1.

How to Lose Weight

You can learn to THINK like a naturally slim person. You need to address WHY you overeat.

I help you follow some very simple weight management approaches and strategies to stop you overeating.

Start eating good healthy food in small portions.

Eat slowly.

Get a little appropriate exercise going.

Follow some simple guilt free precepts and forget Calorie Counting.

Consider intermittent fasting for fast weight loss.

Most importantly address WHY you overeat?

Look at the scales once in a while – not all the time.

Worrying about small amounts of weight lost or gained is a slimming club mindset which will lead to weight gain in the long run. 

Do all that we determine between us – Then you will lose weight and keep it off!

No more special or gimmick diets!

Add in a Hypno Virtual Gastric Band to curb overeating, and get in touch with feeling full again, and you have a Weight Loss Hypnosis Course that has seen thousands of  successes!

This is because this bespoke lose weight hypnotherapy course is built around you and your needs. We will work together to find the best approach for YOU.

Reminder: Your Weight is a Reflection of Your Coping Habits

Hypnotherapy is not about sending you to sleep but are about waking you up to your true potential.

My Weight Management courses are holistic – aimed to help you become the slimmer you that you have always wanted to be, while also dealing with the DRIVERS of weight gain.

The problems around eating are often such psychological issues as anxiety depression stress or boredom – to name but a few – or even an addiction to eating where you simply feel that you cannot stop overeating.

This list is not exhaustive because I work with individuals to find their challenges and it’s always different.

Never fear: help is at hand to help you slim down.

Dieting becomes a thing of the past.

Many of my clients have had issues with things like anxiety and stress or boredom or even trauma.

They have often ended up self medicating with food and / or alcohol.

There are many reasons – some you may not consciously know – but we will discover, on this enjoyable journey, that you actually subconsciously recognise them and, when you do, you can change your Life for the better.

The reason you subconsciously recognise these impulses is because, when the triggering conditions are in place, you feel compelled to overeat or drink too much!

You had a bad day at work and “need a reward” or you are bored and reach for the Wine or the Chocolate or some other treat – but it is only a temporary fix.

Because you didn’t deal with the underlying feeling you are simply self medicating and when that wears off you repeat it again until in some people they are almost addictively eating and drinking.

So at some level you know the “problems” that lead to comfort or binge eating disorder or addictive eating. Which means that we can find strategies that replace the habitual responses. If you created a habit you can also destroy it.

Eating Disorders

Perhaps you Binge from time to time or maybe have another eating disorder such as Anorexia or Bulimia.

Anorexia or Bulimia can seem a strategy that works but, as we really know, it just leads to harm.

See my page on that: EATING DISORDERS

No, You Don’t Have to Count Calories to Lose Weight

We put in place a sensible weight management approach that is easy to do.

Forget diets!

Hypnotherapy and NLP combined works brilliantly to help you do what you want to do – become a slimmer version of you without yoyo dieting.

Hypnosis is not mind control but about teaching you HOW to control the challenges in Life.

You simply learn how to control the habits and issues and triggers in your life.

Eat sensibly without the diet and don’t beat yourself up if you have a few treats.

Add in motivation to your Easy Weight Management plan and a little exercise and you have the healthy recipe for a successful and a life long slimmer version of you.

You might find that Life is happier too as we deal with your issues. Clients have found that they have overeaten because of Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Trauma, Boredom and more … whatever it is we will formulate a response.

FREE CONSULTATION: 07875720623 or 01473 879561

Email grahamahowes@me.com

Disclaimer:  As with any therapy individual results will vary.  The best way to discover if weight loss hypnotherapy or gastric band hypnosis is for you is to take a look through the page and come for a free initial consultation so that you can make an informed decision.

You Won’t Be Able to Lose Weight Long Term with Dieting – Hypnotherapy Ipswich Special Offer: £280 for the Hypno Gastric Band 4 part Easy Weight Loss Hypnosis course – usually £295 – local competitor £375! (US dollars $355 Euros ¢295)

Diet Cake is a joke but no more ridiculous than some of the outlandish claims of dieting products
Diet Cake is a joke but no more ridiculous than some of the outlandish claims of dieting products

FAQs on Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Gastric Band Hypnosis

How To Slim and Become Slimmer Without the Yoyo Diet

Slimming with Hypnosis to become as slim as you want to be without “dieting”

Has the Diet failed again? Are you a yoyo dieter? Well – DIETS DON’T WORK! We have known this since the 1960s so because you are looking at weight loss hypnosis you clearly have worked this out for yourself!

“Diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people.” Traci Mann, Psychologist at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Repeatedly losing and gaining weight has been linked, in studies, to cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and altered immune function.

Professor Mann found that, though dieters typically lost up to 10% of their starting weight in the first six months, at least one-third to two-thirds of people on slimming regimes and diets regained more weight than they lost within four or five years.

Among those slimmers who were followed for more than two years, 83% eventually put more weight back on than they had lost.

One study showed that half of dieters weighed over 11 pounds more than their starting weight five years after the diet.

FREE CONSULTATION: Landline: 01473 879561 Text or Call: 07875720623

A new Worldwide study by respected Medical Journal “The Lancet” shows there are now more people classified as obese (BMI over 30) than those classified as underweight.

By 2025 on present projections the UK will become the “Fat Man of Europe” according to the respected Medical Journal – with UK Men and Women seen as the most overweight in Europe.

Which Weight Loss Course is Best for Me?

fbg_img_1Easy Weight Loss Hypnosis – BMI under 28

Hypno Gastric Band Hypnosis and Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Suffolk –

We offer a ‘Easy Weight Loss for Good’ programme which is a 3 part weight loss hypnosis course at £180.

This is an excellent weight loss option if you have a stone or two to shed and you are under the BMI of 30.

Fed up of faddy diets and are slimming clubs not working for you? Then this program can help you lose the weight and keep it off for good.Slimming Hypnosis!

The course uses very safe and relaxing hypnosis from a certified weight loss specialist to help you become an ‘mindful eater’.

So I can help you to lose the weight and hopefully keep it off with cutting edge nutritional information allied to an understanding of why you overeat and also addressing addictive eating,  comfort eating, binge eating, anxiety, work related stress, boredom, depression and the many other factors that may cause overeating.

I will also motivate you to take a small amount of appropriate exercise. 

We focus on improving physical fitness as well as mental wellness and overall wellbeing.


Become as slim as you want to be with easy slimming hypnosis

Call me or email for a no obligation consultation and leave a name number and time to call .

Tel: 01473 879561 Text or Call: 07875720623 for a FREE Consultation

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

Price: £180 for Three sessions – Limited offer!

Hypnotherapy Practice in Lacey Street Ipswich Suffolk IP4 2PHfbg_img_1

Hypno Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Hypnosis in Ipswich Suffolk – BMI over 28

Gastric-Band for weight loss when obeseThe Hypno Gastric Band is a tried and tested way to lose weight when classified as obese. Weight loss hypnosis combined with NLP is effective for obesity. Hypnotherapy in Ipswich Suffolk.

Hypno Gastric Band Hypnosis

Does the HypnoGastricBand Work?

The Hypno Gastric Band is a tried and tested Weight Loss Hypnosis system. In my opinion it is the best way for to lose weight without a special “diet” or “slimming”. I have been licensed to use this successful Gastric Band Hypnosis system since 2010.

This slimming hypnosis system involves, as well as the virtual gastric band hypnosis, using hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis, NLP, motivation and nutritional advice to manage your weight and simply learn to eat less of best quality food.

The course consists of four parts and will help you deal with overeating issues and focus on changing your eating habits to help you become an ‘mindful eater’ by changing your mind-set.

Hypnotherapy in Suffolk is a registered provider of the Hypno Gastric Band System TM and was the first Gastric Band Hypnotherapist in the area – so has many hours of clinical expertise and the ability to tweak the system to your requirements.

We work together to resolve your issues and change your relationship with food.

You will be aware at all times when in hypnosis.

Many people have simply forgotten how to control their overeating.

This programme is a risk free and fun way to lose weight without calorie counting.

You will not be dieting either so there will be no slipping back to old fat producing ways of eating.

As a result of this treatment you will also want to up your exercise a little.You can become as slim as you want to be.

If you are curious for more information about Gastric Band Hypnotherapy then do not hesitate to call or email me for a FREE Consultation without obligation.

This Weight Loss Hypnosis program has been in the Daily Mail and other media regularly.

Tel: 01473 879561 Text or Call: 07875720623

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

“I have lost three stone and I would recommend this process to anybody.” Ms RR

Sugar and sugary drinks are prime reasons for being overweight
Sugar and sugary drinks are prime reasons for being overweight

Treatments for real gastric band / bariatric surgery after care

I have worked with a number of people who had Bariatric Surgery. They found that although it usually worked that it did not remove the reasons why they overate.

This meant that they still felt a strong compulsion to overeat and started finding ways around the Gastric Band.

They would reduce food to a mush in a liquidiser or find that sugary snacks pretty much got past the band. Thus they were still having issues with weight.

I offer a service to help them deal with the overeating issues holistically to find strategies to replace the overeating compulsion.

Landline: 01473 879561 Text or Call: 07875720623

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

Landline: 01473 879561 Text or Call: 07875720623

I am offering the Hypno Gastric Band  Hypnosis Course at £260 for 4 sessions for a limited time only. Book Now. Some spaces currently available at short notice.

If you unsure about which Weight Loss Hypnosis course would be best for you then for a BMI over 30 (classified as “Obese”) the 4 part Hypno Gastric Band is the appropriate course.

BMI under 30 the Weight Loss Hypnosis is probably the appropriate approach.

If you don’t know what your BMI is try this (needs Java – won’t work on Ipads or Android devices!):

BMI healthy weight calculator Click on the LINK

Go to NHS Choices homepage

CAUTION: BMI as a measurement was invented by an Insurance claims adjuster to calculate risk – as such it has always been a rule of thumb. For me this is about you finding your comfortable healthy weight and size.

DISCLAIMER: Hypnosis is not a magic cure – but Hypnotherapy and NLP combined with other techniques such as Hypnoanalysis does have a high success rate with an experienced professional. I work with my clients to achieve the best that they can manage.

I am very conscientious – I am a member of a reputable body the GHR and I am governed by the GHSC and I am approoved by the CNHC and have an Enhanced Certificate from the Disclosure and Barring Service previously known as a Criminal Record Check. I am also a Qualified Teacher and I have worked in Harley Street at the top of the Hypnotherapy profession.

Success is down to BOTH of us putting in the spade work. Hypnosis isn’t a magic wand … success has a high probability based on my experience and judgement and your commitment.

This is NOT a diet because diets mostly fail long term due to the fact that people go back to their “normal” eating and “normal” behaviour – and that actually is the problem. It is addressing the reasons for overeating and finding strategies to address those needs and motivate weight management and a sensible and enjoyable programme of exercise that works for you (if appropriate).

My methods are tried and tested on many many clients and the success rate is high.

My success rate is very high due to the fact that I work WITH you not at you. My 7 years of offering the Hypno Gastric Band plus 8 years of general Weight Loss Hypnosis means that I have seen many people and dealt with most complications and the complex issues around losing weight.

The point of the course is for us to work through all the issues as they arise because there is no such thing as failure – failure teaches us to do things better and hopefully NOT to repeat the error that lead to the initial problem.

We work through all the reasons why you overeat and help you to start managing your weight.

Diets simply don’t work long term – because you always go back to your “normal” eating and “normal” eating patterns – within that will be comfort eating, eating through boredom or binge eating for many reasons which we have to address such as stress or anxiety or many other reasons which are entirely individual which is why this is bespoke.

Each of the 4 sessions – apart from the last is 90 minutes or more – I am thorough.

I offer a  FREE top up if you are slipping.

So if you work with me in all good faith you will definitely lose the weight – that I can guarantee – but like anyone else I do the work in good faith and the reason it is a course is because we need to work together to deal with all the issues as they arise –  so for these reasons – as with all such treatment programmes – all courses are non – refundable

Graham Howes ASHPH Advanced Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner Certified HypnoGastricBand Weight Loss Expert


What are the risks associated with being obese?

Obesity means that you are carrying too much weight. This is like filling two rucksacks with the amount of pounds of fat that you are overweight and putting them on and trying to function!

Being obese or even overweight can lead to osteoarthritis as you put strain on your back, knees and other joints.

Eating too much Fat Sugar and Salt can lead to really dangerous health problems: Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart and Circulatory problems, Depression, or even Cancer.

Many of us eat far too much sugar – the recommended daily maximum amount is 6 teaspoons – there are 9 spoonfuls in a Mars Bar and 12 in a can of Coke. 

Too much Fat and Salt are equally bad for us. The best way forward is to find foods and drinks that we can enjoy that also happen to be healthy!

Diet products containing aspartame actually increase appetite and may be carcinogenic!

Body Mass Index (BMI) was actually dreamed up by an Actuary to calculate how long people might live for Insurance purposes.

He studied average weights of people and discovered a correlation between weight and risk.

It was then and remains a rule of thumb – so the ideal weight for one will look ridiculous on another! 

I suggest that people aim for a weight and size that works for them.

More Testimonials for the Hypno Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss Hypnosis:

“My Gastric Band Hynotherapy was so much easier then I thought, I almost instantly felt motivated and wanted to change the way I eat, A month later I still keep a food diary, go for long walks and enjoy eating the better food! I’m so pleased with my weight loss so far, of 13 pounds after four weeks, and would recommend it to anyone’” Ms H E

Hi Graham – I trust you are well? I’m sure you will be delighted to know that I am progressing well with my weight loss – since my final session, I have lost 1 stone 4 1/2 pounds and I have dropped a dress size! And I am starting to get my confidence back. And running again which has astonished my other half and my colleagues! As I’m doing really well with my weight loss, I’ve obviously benefited from having my HypnoGastricBand fitted. We’ve been out for dinner a few times but on each occasion I haven’t felt the need for a dessert and I have stopped eating when I’ve been full, even though a large part of me has wanted to carry on eating because I was enjoying what I was eating. Every time I’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’, I’ve been straight back at it the next day. Thanks so much! Ms RA

Hi Graham,

I hope you are well.

I thought I would email you to let you know my progress. It has now been almost 7 months since my last session with you.

On Friday at weigh in, I hit my 3 stone target (in fact I have now lost 3 stone 1 pound) and I have 5 1/2 pounds to go to target. I am now fitting into size 10/12 clothes and have new found confidence in myself. I’d like to keep going and lose another stone if I can … What an achievement!

“Dear Graham I wanted to update you on my progress. Well it is week 7 since I first saw you and I have now lost 20lb in total. Last week my Doctor wrote me a lovely letter about how interested he was in my virtual gastric band and said that he thought other patients might benefit and wanted your details. I photo copied your card several times and wrote a nice reply saying that I hoped other patients would benefit from this type of treatment. I am still very happy and doing really well and joined a Gym at the weekend and have been swimming daily since – I am going to have an induction for the Gym equipment at the weekend and they also have great classes at the Gym one in particular I am hoping to attend next week is “Salsa” it is without partners and just the movements to music which would be ideal for me as I love the music.

It really is changing my life and whole outlook on things. You may certainly post my letter as a testimonial -as I am truly very happy and I really hope other people get the same success. I am on holiday on … for a week and may come and see you for my floating appointment on return to keep focussed. I will take my CD with me and listen daily! Regards Mrs M (Name withheld for confidentiality reasons)”

“Hi Graham

It’s been a few weeks now since I last saw you. Thought I’d let you know that all’s going to plan. I’m still listening to the CD’s, not everyday but when I can. I’m still keeping a food diary and the books that you recommend have been very good. Particularly the ‘Eat Less’ one that seems to talk to me. From time to time whilst I’m reading it I found myself say ‘Ah but’ only to find the response to what I’m thinking is in the next few lines. Spooky.

Another spooky thing that happened, it has made me realise that the Hypnotism worked – I have consciously decreased portion sizes and now consciously eat and look for more nutritious way of eating, never being quite sure how much influence the hypnotism has had, then I was out last Thursday night at a Harvester, I conscientiously went for all the healthiest options and my dinner arrived. I had planned to eat the lot, after all it was OK for me to do that, I had planned it and then half way through I found myself saying ‘I’m full up and I don’t want any more’ and for probably the first time ever in a restaurant it was really ok for me to leave half, I was satisfied I wasn’t telling myself to be good, I genuinely wanted the healthy food options and was genuinely happy not to clear the plate, I knew at that moment that it is the hypnotism working at a sub conscious level and not me telling myself consciously what to do because I was aware I was thinking how much I wanted to carry on eating but it was OK not to.

It’s 6 weeks since I first came to you, I usually lose interest in ‘diets’ after 6 weeks but find myself totally committed to carry on . I have lost 17 1/2lbs to date and I am totally confident that my weight will continue to fall. I still find it difficult not to make weight loss the target, so concentrate very much on food on a day to day basis.

Hope you are keeping well, are as busy as you want to be and that you find the feed back interesting, it’s so nice not to be on a diet and still be losing weight.”

Take Care


 “I was waiting until today to give you a progress report as I had a Doctors’ appointment this morning and he was VERY pleased with my weight loss he said 11 pounds since he last weighed me in January but I know it is 1 stone now so am also VERY pleased and VERY happy. I did tell the Doctor of how I was achieving my weight loss and he was very interested and supportive and thought it was a good choice for me as it certainly seemed to be working. I did miss my weekly appointment slot this week and think I may book in a couple of weeks to have the band tightened a little so that I do not lose focus. I have been listening to week two CD every day at least once. I am feeling exceedingly HAPPY and keep smiling and it certainly is changing my life and I thank you for this and will certainly keep you updated weekly as I think it will help me too. I am thinking about some excercise now and am going swimming. On Saturday my friend has invited me to …. House in Colchester I really need to start doing some walking or swimming or something and then feel the weight would reduce quicker so I am working on that! Any way Thanks again and keep in touch” MF

“Magic Wand effective – Half stone lost this week! Thanks for the top up session!! RW

It has taken a Year to reach my Target weight and size – but what do I care – I reached it and the key thing is my Life is so much happier and my Legal Practice works so much better with all those tips on prioritising and ending procrastination and also stopping being a doormat. The process also showed me to see what I really want in Life.” A FEMALE BARRISTER

“I have lost four stone and my Wife two stone – my Doctor is delighted as the knee op is holding and, as my blood pressure has dropped, my risk of heart problems has diminished! I find the system easy and the CDs I listen too regularly to relax and still one year on. I still hear new things.” Business Owner and Partner

“I am absolutely fantastic , I am now working, I have lost lots of weight, I can actually go out and mingle with people but best of all I have complete piece of mind and finally after 35 years I am free from carrying all that sad emotional baggage around with me, it sounds rather dramatic but you have changed my life, God himself only know where I would have been if I hadn’t of trusted You, I have a nice card for you but if writing my thanks on here inspires just one troubled person to contact you it will be worth it, Wish I had found you years ago. I would love to see you again but I have no problems lol lol lol xxx” 

Mandy C on Facebook

“I have lost three stone – and I would recommend this weight control process to anyone” RR VIA FACEBOOK

Clients names withheld for client confidentiality 

What is the success rate?:

It is high because we work together and you will get as much out of it as you put in.

However – it is as if you just joined a Gym with a trainer with a high success rate – if you work hard with him or her you will have a lot of success but if you don’t you won’t!

I will give you all the tools that you need to do well but you will actually have to follow the suggestions we arrived at together I can’t force you to.

Most of my clients DO lose weight, and keep it off, and some will occasionally return for a topup if something changes that has had them seeing old patterns coming back into play. They will also feel that I helped them deal holistically with other issues in Life such as anxiety, stress, boredom, depression or past trauma. We will deal with WHY you are eating too much and what the drivers are as well as putting in place sensible evidence based weight management and reinforcing good practice with hypnosis and NLP

Hypnotherapy Clinic

I currently run hypnotherapy clinics from Ipswich Suffolk UK and can also do home visits or Skype Internationally and UK wide.

Call for a FREE phone consultation with no obligation 07875720623

Hypnotherapy Practices in Lacey Street Ipswich Suffolk and visits in Colchester Essex

 Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Ipswich

Harley Street Weight Loss Hypnotherapist in Lacey Street Ipswich

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Hypno Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Suffolk and Weight Loss Hypnosis Practices ONLINE or in Lacey Street Ipswich Suffolk and by appointment home visits in Essex.

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