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Hypnotherapy for MS – Hypnosis for MS – Hypnotherapy and NLP for Multiple Sclerosis

I am Graham Howes – Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I work with MS and I also work with Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Stress, Insomnia, Trauma and Weight Loss, amongst many other things, to help you to learn strategies to diminish and even eradicate the issues that are holding back your success in losing weight.

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I am working with a few clients with Multiple Sclerosis in a complementary way with Hypnotherapy and NLP to help alleviate some of their symptoms with their specialist’s approval. Hypnosis is proven to work well for Pain Relief – but also for engendering a positive attitude in believing that you do have some input into your MS and can make a difference.

Hypnosis for Multiple Sclerosis can help engender a positive mental attitude

This is NOT a miracle cure – but we still don’t know exactly how much mental attitude and a belief in “making things better” appears to actually improve outcomes with multiple sclerosis.

Studies with Hypnosis – using a guided visualisation with Cancer and AIDS by Professor Walker in Hull, however, seemed to suggest that there was a significant difference between regular treatment only and regular treatment PLUS hypnosis and visualisation.

It appears that survival rates and remission was higher in those using Hypnotherapy as a complementary treatment for Cancer and AIDS.

My clients are so far reporting improvements and we are also looking holistically at how we can improve matters.

Autogenic Training and MS

One of the approaches involves using autogenic training. This ancient form of healing is about training the body to be affected by direct instruction. I had a stroke patient who was a Professor who headed a large department in a hospital prior to this debilitating stroke. His left side was semi paralysed and incredibly painful. I asked him to describe the pain and rate it between 1 and 10 – 10 being the worst. It was a 9 at worst. He described it as being like standing in an arctic wind. When it was bad even morphine had little effect. I hypnotised him and asked him to visualise warmth travelling down his left side in waves. It took a week of listening to the recording of that session to feel the warmth and the related pain relief. I then worked on the right hand side teaching the left hand side how to move again. We got the left arm going. Limited improvement but still improvement in the right direction. He reported feeling empowered that he could control his pain and that he was in the slow road to gaining increased mobility. Obviously he could use the recordings and add in Physio and other medical interventions to make his way forward. I believe this approach can help with multiple sclerosis.

This is not a magic wand and should be approached with your healthcare professionals approval and continuing in treatments – this will be complementary to that.

The worst that can happen is that you learn some techniques to deal with pain stress and anxiety. You will also feel a sense if empowerment.
If you are interested please contact me for more details and please speak to your healthcare professional.

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Graham Howes – Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner for Multiple Sclerosis MS in Ipswich Suffolk

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