Hypnotherapy for Business

Business to Business Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis and NLP for Business Success

Presentations and Public Speaking, Group or One to One Sessions to Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Addiction, Manage Work Related Stress, Insomnia and increase productivity.

Help with confidence or self esteem issues or procrastination using NLP and Hypnosis techniques and coaching.

There may be a specific issue you need help with – don’t hesitate to ask

I work with motivated high flyers to help prevent burn out and overcome blocks in Business and Life.

Hypnotherapy and NLP for Business: Practices in Lacey Street Ipswich  or onsite at your Business or by Skype. 

National and International Business Clients Worldwide.

Have you thought of Hypnotherapy and NLP to help you succeed in Business?

I am Graham Howes a Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and I have worked in many different businesses. I have background in sales teaching and professional acting and theatre directing. I use a synergy of these skills to work with Public Speaking, Confidence, Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Stress, Insomnia, Addictions, Habits, Trauma and Weight Loss, amongst many other things, including sports improvement, to help you to learn strategies to diminish and even eradicate the issues that are holding back your success.

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You’d be amazed at how many successful entrepreneurs use the power of the mind to help them realise their Business goals.

Entrepreneurs and executives can learn a number of techniques, even rituals, in order to stay calm and laser focused and get ahead of the pack.

Many of the top business people and experts use hypnosis for business success using strategies and tools to sharpen their unconscious minds.

Many find that tapping into the subconscious is like having their own super computer harnessing their inner latent wisdom and experience.

Perhaps they can also learn to embrace change and move from a fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset.

Why Does Hypnosis For Business Success Matter?

Are you as happy and successful as you would like to be in Life and Financially where you want to be?

Do you want to start and grow your own business?

Many people have a calling in life — they know they want to be a doctor, athlete, an artist or a musician. They absolutely know what they want and often how to get it. Then there are those with a great business idea who know what they want but often don’t know the best way to make their great idea work in the most effective way.

While some people are happy with the 9-to-5 routine, there are these entrepreneurs who want to take on the challenge of creating and managing their own businesses. They are prepared to gamble on their idea or talent or on a business niche.

If you feel stuck in a rut where your dreams and goals are not working out in the right way – maybe you lack the mental attitude for business, or perhaps you are a natural procrastinator.

Maybe you over promise and underdeliver when you should be doing the opposite? One thing is for sure – if I am told a job will be done by a certain time I expect it – but if it comes in before the expected time then I feel good about that Business or person.

Perhaps there are obstacles which relate to your upbringing or past experience?

Hypnosis and NLP can really help you find business success. A calm and focused mind is THE important prerequisite for you to become a successful entrepreneur and learning hypnosis and NLP techniques for business success is a great technique that you should master.

Having these strategies in place will help with selling, planning, delivery, and even in day to day interaction with staff and customers or clients.

Hypnotherapy and NLP for business matters because the mind is a very powerful tool that can make or break you. There are many subconscious obstacles, such as a lack of confidence, anxiety, stress, or lack of self belief, that can trip you up.

A lack of self belief that can hamper you from being assertive. It can seem as if there are many mental obstacles and problems, (if seen as such!), anxieties and fears that you have to face if you want to succeed in business.  

Hypnosis and NLP for business can assist you in building a strong mind to tackle self imposed obstacles and restrictions.

Even seeing problems as challenges to be overcome, rather than deeming them obstacles, is one mental shift that will help you make better quality decisions.

Some entrepreneurs may have a great idea – but be rubbish at selling.

People also fear failure rather than seeing it as an opportunity.

If you instinctively know that you have more to give, yet you continue to be stuck or feeling  restricted, hypnosis is a tool that helps you learn to have a calm, strong, and focussed mind to overcome these “problems.”

Hypnosis allied to NLP for business has been around for a long time, as many Business Leader’s secret weapon.

Secret because not too many people have understood how it could help them — failing to use a powerful laser sharp resource to enable greater success, which is a calm and sharply focused subconscious mind.

It is normal for us humans to have anxieties, restrictions, inappropriate stresses, doubts, fears, or insecurities that can limit our potential for growth.

But this shouldn’t stop you from taking on new challenges and opportunities to create your own new business and be your own boss.

So if you aren’t where you want to be, or even who you want to be, then understand that there are subconscious habits and patterns that have lead you to where you are at present.

Hypnosis and NLP can helps you remove the obstacles, habits, and negative influences and strengthens your positive thinking and acting.

I have even been working with a Day Trader recently to help hime stay focussed and keeping to his plan.

Talk to me for free to see how I can help you grow your Business this year.


Corporate and Individual Learning with Hypnosis and NLP from ex Harley Street Hypnotherapist Graham Howes

Text or Call: 07875720623

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

Stress Relief Coaching & Hypnotherapy:  

If you found your way here because you are a STRESSED or ANXIOUS Business person, and are looking to alleviate it, then you are in the right place.

To date, I have helped many hundreds of individuals – mostly entrepreneurs, business owners, sales professionals, CEOs, Authors, and other high achieving professionals – relieve stress and anxiety, raise confidence, and improve the overall quality of their lives. I work, in confidence, with high achieving entrepreneurs individuals and groups to overcome blocks in Business and in Life.

I have worked for some major companies on the Sales and Marketing side. I have also been a successful actor, theatre director playwright and drama teacher for 39 years.

This synergy of skills was the foundation of my Harley Street Practice which I now offer onsite at your Business / Film Set / TV studio / Theatre or in Ipswich Suffolk and Essex.

Discreet Home or Work Visits.

Skype Worldwide on: grahamhowes1.

I cover a very wide range of issues including stress, anxiety, public speaking, presentation anxiety, addictions, weight management, trauma and much more please see my NLP and Hypnotherapy Treatments page

New Business blog on Work and Job Related Stress Anxiety and how to handle them:


Internationally by Skype: Clients in the USA Spain and Italy and throughout the UK.

I have helped Business Clients with Weight loss and  Smoking Cessation, Confidence, Low Self Esteem, Procrastination, Motivation. Even Sports psychology – Running Tennis Golf improvement etc. Trauma and severe anxiety. Social Phobia. Addiction. Alcohol Abuse, Gambling Addiction and much more.

You might be curious about whether hypnotherapy can help you?

I can assure you, that many of my clients over the years thought exactly the same thing: but to their delight, our work together helped them… and in most cases, exceeded their expectations.

Please join those hundreds of happy private and corporate clients. Schedule a complimentary FREE phone consultation today to see whether my Stress Relief Program or Hypnotherapy services are right for you or your company. Please ask me to visit your company or HR Department or Consultancy.

I also offer a discreet service for referrals from Private Medical schemes.

Hypnosis for Procrastination and Motivation

Procrastination, fear of success, laziness or lack of motivation for whatever reason, can all be helped by Hypnosis. Research demonstrates that people are more likely to do something that they have hypnotically rehearsed. It is an important distinction that they don’t simply imagine the activity but actually “observe” themselves as if “from the outside.”

Hypnosis and motivation extends to many motivational issues: getting out of bed, starting and running a business, making the call, practicing a musical instrument or undergoing training, getting slimmer and fitter, feeling motivated to learn and change.

Tel: 01473 879561 Mob: 07875720623

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

About Graham Howes Hypnotherapist:

Hypnotherapy and NLP for Businesses – I offer help for various businesses onsite. I have variously been an Actor, Teacher, Theatre Director, Salesman, Telesales trainer and Manager – at the Barbican Arts Centre, for instance, I trained and ran the team calling to turn frequent customers into subscribers. I worked for Risk Magazine getting Dealers around the World (including Nick Leeson!) to become subscribers.

I have worked for Hoskyns, Compaq, Sun Microsystems, Cap Gemini Sogeto, British Telecom, Xenophile Technical Translations, Links and Billboard Theatrical Agencies as an Agent, Teaching Agency, Instruction Set and many many more as researcher, telemarketing and telesales, and as a trainer – and also as a Customer Services employee for BT Phones, trainer for the London Dungeon in scaring techniques and developing characters and researching history. I have taught in Drama Schools, Universities, Colleges, State and Private schools. Worked with Mike Southon and Chris West Authors of Beermat Entrepreneur – Mike has Columns in Financial Times and Daily Mail and we worked together on many projects.

I have run my own Theatre Company twice and am currently about to put on tour Missing Pieces written by myself and partner Karen Lynne it opens in 2017and then undertakes a 16 week tour at a Major Theatre near you. We are in negotiations to turn it into a TV series for the BBC or Sky.

It is a play with Ballroom Tap and Lindy Hop choreographed by Strictly Resident Master Choreographer Richard Marcel. Richard is in the Guinness Book of Records as master of most dance styles and also choreographed  Movies such as Kickass 2 and Cuban Fury and runs TV’s Lets Dance. He has choreographed major celebrities such as Madonna and regularly works with celebs on Sports Relief.

I have worked as an Actor in Theatre, TV, Film, Corporate Videos and Interactive Training DVDs (BT Post Office, Ford, Barclays, Dixons, Smith Klein Glaxo etc etc.) The Play is toured in Association with the Belgrade Theatre and will be managed and run on the road by The Booking Office a major player in the Touring theatre scene. (We will be offering Investment Opportunities further along! A North East Business high on the Rich List already has a piece of us!)

There is more on this and my 39 years of experience as Actor Teacher Writer Director http://missingpiecestheatreshow.co.uk

Many companies are unaware of how hypnosis and NLP can help with Confidence, Salesmanship, helping with Work Related Stress, Productivity, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Weight Loss, Group Stop Smoking,  Depression and more.

With my Theatre and Teaching background allied to my experience I can help with Public Speaking or presenting to meetings or for clients.

HR / Personnel Directors:

Business to Business Hypnotherapy is a service I offer from group sessions to stop smoking, losing weight, work related stress, increasing Productivity and Learning to prioritise, and help with confidence issues for people who have to present or sell using NLP and Hypnosis techniques.

In the US employees have started suing firms that don’t have a policy for dealing with work related stress. There are many needless hours lost through stress related issues and it is now one of the top killers. I am not trying to be alarmist – just that my clients have doubled in the last year for work related stress! This is a low cost option by comparison to lost hours through illness and lost productivity. Let me give you a FREE demonstration at your Business.

Count up the hours lost to stress, employees on smoking breaks, anxiety and health issues that could be addressed by a hypnotherapist – saving you hours of time lost to illness through stress

As an actor teacher director and writer, and ex Harley Street Hypnotherapist specialising in Performers issues, I offer onsite visits to TV studios, Film Sets and Theatres for discreet service.

I have worked in Harley Street with actors, models, supermodels, journalists, people in the Media and presenters.

I cover a wide range of issues there is more on my Hypnotherapy and NLP Treatments page

“Thank you for the (Hypnotherapy) and NLP sessions this year.  They were excellent — I travelled very happily across the Atlantic and around America on aeroplanes without any feeling of angst at all.  You did a great job and I’m really most grateful.” CW  (Business Guru)

“Apologies for not replying last night, I fell asleep naturally. The first time this year! Graham, thank you so much! I’ve woken this morning as fresh as the day, walked the dog, made the wife breakfast in bed and am cracking on with my day with no anxiety in my body. This is amazing.”

Regards P T –

Co-Founder & Managing Partner of a Major New Finance Company

Graham Howes ASHPH GQHP NHR GHR registered GHSC regulated CNHC approved Institute of Clinical Hypnosis training in PTSD and Psychological Trauma

Trained Teacher Middlesex University and New College of Speech and Drama Distinctions in Speech Drama and English


Call 07875720623

Email grahamahowes@me.com

Graham Howes Hypnotherapy and NLP for Business Services and Stress Management and Confidence in Ipswich Suffolk and Colchester  Essex, onsite and by Skype.

Hypnotherapy Practices – Hypnosis for Business in Lacey Street Ipswich Suffolk and Colchester Essex 

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