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International and UK wide Advanced Hypnotherapy by Zoom Skype or FaceTime from top Harley Street Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner Graham Howes

Advanced Hypnotherapy in Ipswich Suffolk for great Mental Health – Graham Howes is an experienced ex Harley Street International Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner using Hypnosis by Zoom Skype or FaceTime to help you make a change for your Mental Health and wellbeing.

When you want to make a change and it doesn’t seem to be working – here is how I might help your mental health with Hypnosis and NLP.

I’m Graham Howes – Advanced Hypnotherapist – Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP and Weight Loss Professional practitioner based in Ipswich, Suffolk and serving the world via Skype Zoom and FaceTime. 

I use Hypnosis and NLP to work with many Mental Health issues: Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Depression, Stress, Insomnia, Confidence, Psychological Trauma, Smoking and Weight Loss, Fear and Phobia, amongst many other things, to help you to learn strategies to diminish, and even often get rid of, the issues that might be holding back your success.

It’s about helping you to find a tailored strategy that works for you and deal with why the problem is happening. And empower your ability to self care for your ongoing mental and physical wellness and wellbeing.

Uses of Hypnotherapy


I’m GHR Registered and GHSC Regulated. CNHC Approved. Enhanced Disclosure Certificate (Criminal Record Check cleared) . HypnoGastricBand – Certified Weight Loss Professional since 2010. Ex Harley Street Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.


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Bespoke Treatment with Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP world wide by Skype at grahamhowes1 or by FaceTime +44 (0) 7875720623 Zoom meetings by arrangement.



Please take a look at the menus or treatment page to see if I can assist you using Hypnosis and NLP with a specific issue such as Anxiety, Confidence, Depression, Panic, Smoking Habit or Alcohol or Drug Addiction, Weight Loss or Eating issues, Fear or Phobia, Insomnia or even a complex of concerns.

Maybe you are interested in Hypnotic Regression to try to find the source of the problem or habit and resolve it for your personal development?

Or even Past Life Regression or Life Between Lives for your spiritual journey.

You spend a fortune in your external physical appearance when Mental Health is just as important – one in three of us can do with help from time to time in strict confidence for work or home related issues.

Talk to me in confidence via one of the above contact methods.

Or you can arrange a Zoom conference with me.

Whatever your hypnotic needs are have a free no obligation chat with me!

Costs are reasonable at £65, 75 Euros, or 90 Dollars per long session and the sessions are just as effective as face to face treatments. I also record your bespoke treatment and email it to you for reinforcement and future use.

Graham Howes Advanced Hypnosis and NLP via Zoom Skype or FaceTime around the world.

Satisfied Skype Zoom and FaceTime Hypnotherapy clients in: Spain, Italy, USA, France and all parts of the UK – Wales Scotland and England.

Face to face Hypnotherapy sessions are also available in Ipswich or locally onsite for Business. Business Hypnotherapy and NLP services are available – talk to me with your requirements or click on the link https://hypnotherapyinsuffolk.co.uk/hypnotherapy-business/