Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Hypnotherapy in Ipswich and Colchester for Addiction or Habit

Alcohol Drugs or Gambling or Eating or Sex or other Addictions or Habits

I am Graham Howes – Ipswich based Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

I work with addictions and habits of many kinds – please read below for an outline of what I treat and how I work.

I also work with related conditions such as: Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Stress, Insomnia, Smoking, Trauma and Weight Loss, amongst many other things, to help you to learn strategies to diminish and even eradicate the issues that are holding back your success in Life.

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“Addiction” and other unwanted habits and addictions can be treated: get to the root of the problem and stop.

Let’s deal with why you need to tranquillise yourself with overeating or alcohol or drugs or gambling or whatever.

There is actually a problem, in my view,  with the whole way that addiction is often approached which involves constantly affirming that you are an ‘addict.’

While this recognition is productive once – it does not necessarily help you move on.

I focus on understanding the WHY of the addiction holistically and finding replacements for what the habit is medicating.

You made the ‘addiction’ and you can undo it.

The patience of loved ones, family and friends, is finite – you cannot expect sympathy and propping you up forever.

At some point it is down to you what happens and how  it affects others.

I will help you take action to find a new way forward.

“Addictions” as a term can include, and sometimes combine,  a wide range of addictive behaviour: such as shopping, porn, food, gambling, as well as drugs such as weed, heroin, coke, prescribed drugs and / or alcohol and more.

You need hope and optimism and we need to move beyond the old disease model of addictions.

A trained hypnotherapist can help you successfully move beyond and manage your ingrained habit.

I have been dealing with addiction since 2007 and because we work together the chances of success are high. The important first step is that you must want to get it under control and / or stop. It is not enough to go though the course for the benefit of others if you are not committed yourself.

Read on for more .. or talk to me for free with a consultation by phone or face to face.

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How can Hypnotherapy help with Addiction?

Addiction is classified as a pattern of behaviour that has a negative impact on everyday life.

If addiction is affecting you, you will have limited or no control over your urge to use a specific substance or engage in a particular activity.

The worse the addiction becomes, the more of an impact it has on your daily life. However, many people struggle to identify the cause of their addiction, which is usually because it is the result of emotional trauma or painful childhood memories that have been suppressed or repressed.

When used in addiction recovery, hypnotherapy can help to get to the root cause of the addiction by cutting through this suppression. Being in a heightened state of awareness means you will be more receptive to ideas and suggestions from your hypnotherapist as he or she taps into your unconscious mind. This will not only uncover underlying issues that potentially led to addictive behaviour, but it can also help you to change your negative behaviours and deal with the habitual triggers that may have been installed.

A benign habit is like when we learn to drive a car, and what seems like a complicated action, soon becomes something that we do without thinking about it too much unconsciously.

That’s a benign habit that is useful.

Its not so useful when we habitually use drugs and / or alcohol or gambling or sex or an addictive behaviour in response to the low moods, stresses and strains, in life.

The good news is we can modify behaviour and the way that we think feel and act with Hypnotherapy!

For example, during hypnotherapy, your therapist can make certain suggestions that the substance or behaviour to which you are addicted is making you ill.

Accessing the unconscious mind means that the negative behaviours can be changed when you are back using your conscious mind. You begin to view the response in a different way.

While hypnotherapy can be a useful tool in the treatment of addiction, it is not a magic cure. It works differently on each person, depending on how receptive this person is to the idea of change.

So your investment in working in partnership with your therapist is key to your success. If you are seeing a hypnotherapist because someone else wants you to and YOU are not committed you would be better placed in seeing your therapist when you are ready to stop.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help with withdrawal symptoms during a detox programme as well as in rehabilitation programmes to unearth the cause of the illness or to help reduce cravings.


I am working with top international and national leading Advanced Hypnotherapist dealing with addictions Russell Potts to also develop an experimental workshop for young addicts in Ipswich.

This will be delivered in tandem with a theatre show: A QUESTION OF ERROL FLYNN – a study in addiction – which is coming in early 2021:

A Question Of Errol Flynn

Moving Beyond Marijuana Dope Crack Coke Ketamine or Heroin and more ..

You can learn how to reduce or stop dependence on marijuana, weed, “wacky baccy”, crack or coke, or heroin by recreating the intoxication state at will with self hypnosis and, more importantly, dealing with why you needed drugs in the first place.

Drugs are almost too easy to get – with clients telling me of literally corner shop suppliers or calling a dealer to get their drug of choice delivered to their door.

Dealers will be making £2000 and more a week and will enforce their turf and those who don’t pay up or do as they are told with extreme violence ad even murder.

Drugs only mask the problems. They will not address them.

You need to deal with what drives your drug use and naturally find something else to address that “need.”

It could be very easy to get into the desperate cycle of stealing or borrowing money to get your drugs only to find that the closest people to you run out of patience.

It can lead to dangerous involvement with dangerous people – something seen in Ipswich with County Lines gang violence which has lead to injury and death.

Hypnotherapy for habitual drug use is a course to try to help you get back to easily leading a positive Life again.

I don’t believe your habitual abuse of your”drug of choice”  is necessarily addiction.

Saying that you are an addict is useful once but I personally don’t think you should keep reaffirming your identity as an “addict” – because most often it’s unnaturally addressing a need and is a habit that you created and can also let go.

It also gives you the notion that it will be “hard” to break the habit. While it isn’t always easy it is definitely possible and ex users and alcoholics see a great upswing in their lives. They also experience a new confidence and have a sense of goals in life.

Wean yourself off the drug habit. It takes three sessions to make a start and we see where it’s working, and where not, so we can target where we need to go working together.

Subsequent sessions reinforce your ability to be in control and generate new approaches going forward.

It also doesn’t matter if it is driven by anger, guilt, depression, anxiety, low self mood or low self esteem – we will find a strategy to help you move forward drug free.

How much money will you save?

How much better will your mental and physical health be?

How will your relationships improve when you stop abusing your nearest and dearest.

Imagine you without the habit and remember what that was like because that is how it could be again but even better.

Client has just told me he has been “off the weed for a month now” .


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Hypnosis to stop drinking alcohol or reduce your intake

It is easy to get into the habit of self medicating with alcohol to “wind down” – but if you find that you cannot do without a half bottle or more of wine or use alcohol to excess then you may have a problem.

The important thing is to find substitute strategies for abuse of alcohol and look at the triggers. The approach using Hypnotherapy and NLP is holistic and enables you to stop constantly affirming to yourself that you have a problem with alcohol. If you do that you may find that it seems impossible to surmount! Addressing the reasons why you feel a need for alcohol may well go a long way to enabling your control of the alcohol habit or even putting it behind you.

alcohol abuse
Alcohol abuse can kill or screw your Life up

Hypnotherapy in Ipswich and Colchester for Alcohol Addiction, or rather, habitual use of alcohol

This is now called AUD or Alcohol Use Disorder – so called Addiction and other unwanted habits can be treated – get to the root of the problem and stop.

Let’s deal with why you need to tranquillise yourself with alcohol. Is it because you suffer from depression, PTSD, lack of confidence anxiety or stress or something else?

If so let’s deal with the reasons why you are a problem drinker.

Let’s find another strategy that doesn’t involve killing yourself with using too much booze.

Hypnosis to either stop drinking alcohol or reduce your intake:

It is easy to get into the habit of self medicating with alcohol to “wind down” – but if you find that you cannot do without a half bottle or more of wine or use alcohol to excess then you may have a problem.
The important thing is to find substitute strategies for abuse of alcohol and look at the triggers. The approach using Hypnotherapy and NLP is holistic and enables you to stop constantly affirming to yourself that you have a problem with alcohol.

While it is important to recognise that you have a problem but do you really need to keep saying: “I am an addict.” ? Doesn’t that just reaffirm that you are a Helpless victim?

How far ARE you an addict? Could you go a week without any alcohol in the House? Could you last an aeroplane flight without drinking alcohol? If so then you could master this coping habit. It has got out of control and you can learn to undo that habit that you created. You can learn to either control it or stop drinking alcohol forever or just for now.

Addressing the reasons why you might feel a need for alcohol may well go a long way to enabling your control of the alcohol habit or even putting it behind you. Constantly telling yourself that you “have a problem” – will not DEAL with the problem – you will simply manage it. The habit will seem as if it is always there waiting to ambush you in certain circumstances which could trigger a downward spiral into dependency.

You don’t need to be a “victim”. Firstly if you understand your triggers then you could find alternate ways to deal with the cravings for alcohol abuse. Treat boredom, trauma, depression, anxiety, stress PTSD, low self esteem and so on. Then you may discover that there is actually no need for self medication with drinking to excess. You can be Captain of your ship. You can accept the consequences of your actions. You can repair wherever you need repair. You can move forward without problem drinking. You can end your toxic relationship with booze. Work with me.

Learn how to be in control – in a sense you have a malfunctioning software program that needs an upgrade – there are many things you could do instead of using alcohol. Learning how to be solution focussed rather than seeing a problem will always help. These two different mindsets lead to very different outcomes: one is a struggle the other is not. In the case of one you regard failure as useful feedback rather than an excuse to drink too much alcohol.

If you get stressed or anxious you will understand the mechanism of this and how to overcome worry stress and anxiety or even panic. As experienced as I am – I cannot wave a magic wand – it takes work and if you work with me we can move you forward.

How do you eat an Elephant? In small bites!” Indian proverb

Hypnosis to stop addiction to prescription drugs

Many people who are depressed, in pain, or anxious or stressed, may be using drugs needlessly. While I would never suggest going off meds without a Doctor’s permission – I have seen people who were suffering finding that they could manage without medication.

Clients with daily headaches with no discernible physiological problem where their Doctor suggested that it was psychological and the headaches largely disappeared with hypnotherapy strategies.

Clients with Depression and Anxiety or even Anger or Stress able to manage their issue with hypnosis and strategies worked out in sessions.

Let me work with you and your Doctor.

If you are accessing prescription drugs on the internet illegally without prescription please be aware that there is no guarantee that they are pure or at the correct dosage – they may also be placebos. It can be DANGEROUS to buy drugs that are not genuine.

Disclaimer: If you take prescription drugs you should always consult your Doctor before changing your prescription. As with any therapy individual results will vary.  The best way to discover if hypnotherapy is for you is to take a look through the site and come for a free initial consultation so that you can make an informed decision

Hypnosis to stop overeating – treating food addiction

It is easy to self medicate with food when stressed anxious depressed or bored but hypnosis can help you lose weight and holistically deal with the root of the problem. See my weight loss page for more:


Treat food addiction holistically with weight loss hypnosis

Sex or Porn Addiction

Sex addiction can be just as much if a problem as any other addiction. It can cause problems in relationships.

If you want to moderate your sexual activity or reduce those compulsive urges hypnosis can help. Talk to me in confidence.

Using porn excessively can be a problem for many and finding that it distorts their sense of what is normal sexual activity.

Perhaps finding it impossible to form a relationship because of anger, social or sexual anxiety, or past trauma or some physiological or psychological problem such as Erectile Dysfunction (ED / Impotence) – all can be treated with hypnosis.

Often there is a sense of a wound that needs to be healed.

There are many reasons why you may be addicted or rather habitually using sex or avoiding sexual contact and I can help you with that.

Hypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction

A client came to see me dragged in by his fiancée because he had just blown £25,000 on online gambling. “Fix him!” she said.

I asked him if he wanted to be fixed and he did – so we worked together using Hypnosis and Counselling and also addressed some deep seated reasons for his use of Gambling.

Gambling is often referred to as an addiction which implies that you will find difficulty weaning yourself off it – I believe it is a habit that can be undone by the person who established the habit of having a gamble – explored more here on my sister site:



Hypnotherapy for moving beyond Addiction

Hypnotherapy is not about sending you to sleep – but waking you up to your full potential free of the need to self medicate.

Freeing yourself of unwanted habits, self imposed restrictions, and past traumas or challenges.

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Hypnotherapy for smoking

Hypnotherapy for Gambling

Hypnotherapy for Alcohol

Hypnosis for Addiction or Habitual Misuse or Alcohol Abuse in Ipswich or Home Visits in Colchester Essex or ONLINE World Wide with Graham Howes Ex Harley Street Hypnotherapist

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