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Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP by Zoom in Europe and USA Mexico – Italy Spain France Holland Germany Greece and more

I work in English only by WhatsApp globally – having had clients in Italy France Spain Holland and all over USA Mexico and Greece. I am an English speaking advanced Hypnotherapist using Hypnosis and NLP throughout Europe – France Holland Italy Germany Spain – and in many places in the USA such as LA and New York and Vancouver Canada and Mexico.

Most recently Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP in English in Amsterdam, Paris, Menton, Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Florida, Virginia, New York and LA and a past life regression at 5am in Canada and a LBL in Mexico at 7pm!

I am Graham Howes: an Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner with over 20 years of experience of hypnosis working with all ages from children upwards. 40 years as an Arts practitioner working as a writer director and actor and singer.

Graham Howes
Graham Howes Advanced Hypnotherapist

I offer help with Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss – HypnoGastricBand bespoke course, Stop Smoking, habits and addictions, alcohol and drug issues, trauma, insomnia, fears and phobias and much much more.

I am also a leading PLR and Regression therapist with 20 years experience and sessions quoted in “Soul Angels” by Jenny Smedley. 

My therapy work is bespoke – as there is no point in being too generic – too many therapists fail because their work isn’t targeted enough to the client’s needs – so you will find that initially we will talk a lot as I try to discover how best to help you.

Often the issue that my clients present is actually underpinned by something far deeper.

A philosopher once said: “We are the summary of our experiences so far..” 

In other words you only know what you know and your life is circumscribed by how you react to any given circumstance.

This in turn is driven by what has happened to you so sometimes we need to help the unconscious/subconscious understand that there is another way.

Why not setup a free WhatsApp consultation?

Email: grahamahowes@me.com 

£70 single session 90 minutes plus FREE RECORDING of your bespoke treatment

Children and Teenagers up to 17 £65 per session

Past Life Regression £80 for 90 minutes

Life Between Lives £150 up to 2 hours

Three Sessions (paid in advance) £200 (245 Euros approximately) – subsequent sessions if required at £65

Four sessions (paid in advance) £265

Hypno Gastric Band 4 part bespoke Weight Loss Course £280 (Local Competitor £370 for a generic course)

US $100 (Multiple Bookings of three plus @ $90 per session)

Euros ¢80 (Multiple Bookings of three plus @ ¢75 per session)

All global Hypnotherapy by WhatsApp in English

Typically I suggest a minimum of three sessions discounted to £200 for the course

HypnoGastricBand Weight Loss Four Part Course £280 designed to your needs and to deal with weight management and why you overeat.

(NB this is not yet another gimmick diet!)

FREE CONSULTATION: TEXT or CALL with times to call you 07875720623


Email: grahamahowes@me.com

Electronic Payments can be made in advance here: paypal.me/GrahamHowes


Bank Transfers are generally free of charges/

Hypnotist Hypnotherapist Hypnotism NLP Globally

Get your therapy session in the comfort of your own home.

I also record your bespoke treatment and email it by We Transfer Link to you for reinforcement and future use. Graham Howes ASHPH GQHP NHR GHR Registered and GHSC Regulated CNHC Registered & Regulated

Edge of the World Hypnotherapy and NLP Ipswich Suffolk and Worldwide ONLINE by WhatsApp, Zoom or FaceTime 

Web: https://hypnotherapyinsuffolk.co.uk for full list of treatments.  

Mobile/FaceTime/WhatsApp: 07875720623 

Skype: grahamhowes1 

Landline: +44 (0) 1473 879561

Hypno Gastric Band registered practitioner The HypnoGastricBand System TM Weight Loss Hypnosis, Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy, Insomnia, Anxiety Stress Depression and Panic Attacks, Confidence, Fears and Phobias, PLR, LBL, Trauma and Abuse, PTSD and much more bespoke treatment in confidence. 

A Few Testimonials: 

“Good afternoon Graham,

Just an update for you on (our daughter’s)  progress. She’s doing brilliantly and went back to school Friday! Yay! She has also gone shopping in town with and without another person, she has gone bowling and cinema and even eaten at a restaurant. She has accompanied me on longer dog walks too! We are still working on car journeys but all in good time.  She walks to school with friends.  I’m so proud of her so thanks again for helping her get there. Kind regards”

JE – Teenage Daughter  suffering with severe social anxiety and facial twitches

Graham has changed my entire outlook on life, he is really easy to talk to and after just a few sessions helped me massively with some life issues past and present that I was really struggling with.

Aimee Ward – Now a Reiki, Masseuse, and Acupuncture practitioner

“Graham Howes is not only a very talented hypnotherapist he has a wonderful way of making you feel totally relaxed and at ease. He has a wonderful human quality rare in a world full of egotistical therapists. I highly recommend him.”

Lynne Akers – Professional Wellness Practitioner

“Apologies for not replying last night, I fell asleep naturally. The first time this year! Graham, thank you so much! I’ve woken this morning as fresh as the day, walked the dog, made the wife breakfast in bed and am cracking on with my day with no anxiety in my body. This is amazing.”

Regards P T – Co-Founder & Managing Partner of a Major Finance Company for Insomnia

“I feel lucky to have met you – you have changed my Life in more ways than you know.”


“I came to see you for anxiety, depression, and trauma rooted in toxic relationships, you helped me deal with them and find strategies to live a normal life. Thank you”


“I didn’t think I’d find someone who could deal with smoking, drinking, and weight loss at the same time – but you persuaded  that all these things were interrelated and one year on I drink much less alcohol, have still stopped smoking, and have lost weight to my satisfaction and kept it off. More than anything else I have more insight into my character and a sense of who I want to be and how to go about achieving that …”


“You got me off my coke and alcohol habit and I feel much clearer headed. This has enabled me to start more business initiatives.”

A serial entrepreneur

“I had to have the vaccination for Covid and all my life I have had a severe aversion of needles. Thanks to you I was able to get the treatment that I needed.

Client in Virginia USA

“I couldn’t find someone working in English in Amsterdam who could offer the bespoke Weight Loss with HypnoGastricBand that you offer. We had some morning sessions by Zoom and I learned that Weight Loss is also about WHY I was overeating. Every time I stopped the various slimming regimes the weight came back – so I really needed to address the drivers of my comfort eating. So I am now less anxious, less stressed and more confident. My business is thriving as you also helped me with procrastination. I am beyond grateful – you are amazing!”

Female Entrepreneur in Amsterdam

I am forbidden to name clients by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council for Client Confidentiality except where explicit permission is given.

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Graham Howes – Edge of the World Hypnotherapy and NLP

Advanced Hypnotism, hypnosis, hypnotic interventions, hypnotherapy, hypnotherapist, neuro linguistic programming, NLP worldwide – global treatments by Zoom or Skype. Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

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