Hypnotherapy for Mental Wellness and Mindfulness

Hypnotherapy for Mental Wellness and Mindfulness

I am Graham Howes a Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and I work with Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Stress, Insomnia, Trauma and Weight Loss, amongst many other things, to help you to learn strategies to diminish and even eradicate the issues that are holding back your success. I have also run Personal and Spiritual Development retreats and workshops. I also offer Past Life and Present Life Regression.

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There is a great deal of interest in wellbeing: wellness and mindfulness.

Many people however seem to focus mainly on physical wellbeing: Yoga Retreats, Juices, Meditation, Superfoods et al – all of which is fantastic!

However to become the YOU that you have always wanted to be – the authentic self, “who you really are,” and want to be – needs some interior psychological and psychic work that may seem difficult.

We know that physical fitness is only part of the story – mental wellness and wellbeing are just as important!

There is no accident that the Ancient Greeks focussed on: “Know Thyself” – just as much as they did on physical fitness.

The point is your Unconscious or Subconscious KNOWS that you do certain things in certain circumstances or you wouldn’t keep repeating the same behaviour.

So if we learn how to ask within for the answer then the answer almost always emerges.

The Ancients knew that the greater wisdom was not that which was ego driven – “Inquire Within” as the phrase has it, and access that huge database of your innate wisdom and experience, instead of being driven by past failed behaviour.

If you think negatively this is what you get – whereas positive thinking is solution focussed not problem driven. Take on the challenge and if you overcome it then your confidence grows. But what if you fail?

As the great poet, playwright, and writer Sam Beckett said:

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

I have run, or been a part of, many retreats where we have worked not only on blocks in this life but also Past Life Regressions. It is good to expand spiritual consciousness too, which I can assist, but we must also deal with all the rubbish we carry around, the addictions or habits, we have got into in order to cope. The Past which is over, but still haunts our lives, and which needs clearance!

In short we need to detox our lives.

Detoxing Ourselves to become our Authentic Self

“Life is cluttered by too much detail – simplify simplify!”

I have been privileged to work with people in Harley Street, and in Suffolk and Essex, as well as Worldwide by Skype, and in Retreats around the World.

Experiencing Altered States

Generally Hypnotherapy work takes place in a light to medium trance. However a deeper trance is good for Past Life Regression or Altered States work

I have used Deep Trance to help artist Hayley Lock explore altered states in hypnosis.

We have demonstrated this in numerous high profile Art Galleries and other venues. I also hypnotised Hayley for ESCAPE TO THE CONTINENT for the BBC TV.

Hayley goes so deep into trance that she hallucinates or channels and we show the result in writing drawing and verbally. She has her eyes open but is clearly deep in trance.

Artist Hayley Lock going into trance

Trance and Hypnotherapy

A lot of problems in people’s lives come from the response to issues in their lives. They cope with a problem with a habit – which can become an addiction, a fear, or a phobia. It might also manifest as anxiety or panic or, more seriously, with traumatic events and abuse, into PTSD.

It can lead to problems with drugs, food addiction, alcohol and more: It is extraordinary, for instance, how often the “impossibility” of losing weight is concerned NOT with dieting but with after the diet. People stop the slimming course and put the weight back on. It is important to find out WHY the person is overeating and treat that.

More here on Weight Loss: Hypno Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and Lose Weight Hypnosis Suffolk

Most of our blockages and restrictions have an underlying reason and we need to find strategies to help a person overcome the issue.

Sometimes people come to me in spiritual crisis or seeking spiritual or personal development – but this often related to other blockages and through regression, the clearance protocol, and other techniques we can get to the root of the issue.

We can’t change what happened but we can change how you feel about it.

Through mindfulness and other approaches we release the authentic self – the “you” that you have always wanted to be. “Who you really are …”

One in six of us could do with some help with their mental health and there is absolutely no shame in seeking help.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regressions and Present Life Regressions can find out our blockages or lead to understanding about where we are now and why it is like that.

Past Life Regression in Ipswich

More on Past Lives

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Talking to your Inner Advisor or Spirit Guide

Perhaps you need to get in touch with your Inner Advisor or Innate Wisdom or Spirit Guide. We create your temple and invite the guide in and this gives you access to your inner wisdom or the knowledge in the Cosmic Consciousness – we know far more than we think we do – there is a lot of wisdom that we know without consciously knowing it.

Often our unconscious awareness is far more able than the conscious mind at resolving challenges. It is said the conscious mind can handle 7 plus or minus 2 tasks simultaneously.

I wonder about this because if I even ask you to sing a song, pat your head, rub your stomach AND work out a Maths problem – let’s see how you get on! That’s not even 4!

It is thought that the Conscious mind just does several things singly but very fast giving the appearance of multi tasking.

The unconscious or subconscious processes, however,  are reckoned to be 2 1/2 MILLION per second – now that’s the resource you need to be tuning into!

Your unconscious can keep your heart beating, lungs breathing, handle the many routine tasks, drive the car, answer questions and help decisions drawing on memory and experience or inference.

It know just about everything you have seen experienced or learned.

I have regressed a woman back into the womb and it appears she was born prematurely and a part of her psyche was still throwing up dreams of being trapped in the womb.

Dream Therapy

You sometimes need  find out what a repeated dream means – perhaps your subconscious or unconscious is trying to give you some wisdom? Or maybe in Dream Therapy we need to understand the purpose of the dream. The above example  lead to the often repeated nightmare disappearing as we resolved the inner conflict.

Maybe you are standing on a high diving board with a pool far below .. maybe your unconscious wants you to jump – knowing the pool is there and that risk needs to be taken? Perhaps fear of failure stops you  – but: “fear is the mind killer” as Buddha said – it is simply there to teach us to do it better next time.

We can decide between us which techniques are the best for your self development and freedom to be your authentic self.


There is also some more here or explore the website for your perceived issue:

Often our perceptions are partly accurate and I can help you establish where these blockages are – for instance Anxiety and Depression are the most common combined issues:

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Panic

Or sometimes you simply want a Workshop to develop Psychic Gifts or to explore your Inner Genius.

Workshop for Spiritual and Personal Development Ipswich 

Maybe you are interested in Past Life or Present Life Regression, Inner Child Healing or Clearance Protocol or Rewind Therapy or Dream Therapy – see here .



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