Hypnotherapy for Pain and Cancer Relief Hypnosis

Hypnosis for Cancer Pain Relief and Strokes Hypnotherapy as a Complementary Treatment for Cancer, Pain, Knee Pain Relief and Arthritis and Other Pain and Strokes in Ipswich Suffolk

Hypnotherapy for Cancer, Pain Relief, Parkinson’s, and Strokes in Ipswich Suffolk and Colchester Essex – please read on:

Hypnosis for Cancer Relief


Hypnotherapy for Cancer Relief

The BBC reports how Depression Anxiety and Stress often go untreated in Cancer patients – a Patient receiving Treatment can lose their sense of self.

Studies at Hull University Hospital by Professor L G Walker suggest that guided visualisation really helps with the distressing aspects of Cancer where a patient feels that they must endure the treatment and that there is nothing they can contribute.

Actually in tests they formed two comparable groups: one had treatment and no hypnotherapy and the other group also had hypnotherapy.

The survival rate and recovery was significantly higher in the group who underwent the hypnotherapy course – which offers practical approaches to reduce stress and address the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and fear. You are also taught ways to enhance your treatment with visualisation.

NB: Hypnotherapy for Cancer and Pain Relief is not a replacement for proper medical intervention but is complementary to it and based on cutting edge and solidly researched methods.

Here is a useful article on Mesothelioma Cancer and Hypnotherapy – but it really is useful for all Cancer in relation to Hypnosis and how it can help:




There are some other alternative treatments for mesothelioma which are explored here at Mesothelioma Hope:


How you think effects your state of wellness – recovering from Cancer

Your state of mind has a significant effect on your medical outcome, people who are engaged in healthy-minded living will normally do better medically, even if they have a life-changing illness.

Dave Elman, the famed American Hypnotherapist, who was widely respected  by Dentists Doctors and Surgeons that he trained in Pain Relief with Hypnosis back in the 1950s and 60s, used to tell them to make sure that their patients were in a positive state of mind before any significant surgery – that people could literally kill themselves by the assumption that they would die!

I work with the client specifically to: Address Their Needs, Raise their Hopes and increase their inner Mental Resources, participating in their own recovery rather than being the passive recipient of medical interventions, becoming proactive towards your cancer rather than passively accepting it, Making New Neural pathways and remembering when you were well – the body knows how to heal itself – it does so with a paper cut – often before you are aware consciously – so we stimulate you to relate to a time before your cancer was present and go into that memory as a reference for your unconscious processes – going backwards to move forwards.


The Cancer Wellness Doctrine

“Cancer has changed my life, but that does not mean my life has changed for the worse. I will decide how my life has been changed.

While there may be moments of uncertainty, there will always be reasons for hope.

I am the most important member of my healthcare team. The more active and curious I am about my treatment the better my outlook will be.

I have the power to make a difference in my treatment and care.

Physical healing is not the only goal of my treatment. I can also use this time to heal my spirit, relationships and my heart.”

(Revd C. Scott Giles)

There is more on this blog on both Pain Relief and the facts about how hypnosis can help with pain and cancer relief: Cancer and Pain Relief the facts

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Hypnosis for Pain Relief

We are very good at making pain worse. A great deal of pain is because we notice it and ramp it up. What could I mean by that?

I had a client with a ten year history of daily headaches. He had had all the tests and there was nothing physiological wrong with him – so the Doctor suggested that the migraine might be psychological.

I worked with him and we managed to eradicate almost all his headaches – I would never eradicate it completely because Pain is usually a message that something is wrong! He had all he needed to control his headaches and our business was concluded.

Within 3 weeks he called me – his migraines were back!

I realised that what he was doing was waking up LOOKING FOR THE HEADACHE and any hint of it he rapidly became convinced he was going to have a blinder of a headache and sure enough did.

We needed to do more work on his belief that he could control it – after he had managed three weeks with hardly any pain!

I am NOT suggesting pain isn’t real – it definitely is – but we can learn methods to control it better. That is what I work with using Hypnosis NLP and other methods to achieve some pain management and turn it down.

We say in Hypnotherapy and NLP: 

“Pain is a message to let healing begin and when healing begins pain can diminish.”

Help with arthritis pain and knee pain and other pain.

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Hypnosis for Strokes

I worked recently with a Stroke Patient who was a Senior Medical Professional – with the approval of his Doctor and Specialist and this proved to work well – so please talk to me if you are interested

I am happy to talk to stroke victims.  I have developed an approach using Hypnosis and Autogenic Healing I worked with an ex Professor of Haematology to relieve his pain and help facilitate his recovery:

“I had no change for the first session but noticed feeling calmer and more at peace. Then at the second I was able to feel warmth in my left arm which had previously felt as if it was permanently in a very cold draught. On the third I could warm up the whole left side and reduce my pain significantly – something even the strongest pain killers had not been able to do.”

This is, of course, a complementary therapy using hypnosis and NLP and not a substitute for proper medical care

Talk to me FREE of charge or email me on grahamahowes@me.com and leave a name and number and good times to call and I will call you to discuss the best way to help you.

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Please see this Blog on Cancer Relief with Hypnosis – on how hypnosis helps with pain relief – the science!

Parkinson’s Complementary Therapy 

Help with some of the distressing aspects of early Parkinson’s – help with Pain Relief and with some of the problems associated with the disease.

Complementary Therapy for Stroke Victims using Hypnosis and NLP

Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you using autogenic training and visualisation to help relieve pain and get feeling back into affected areas.

Multiple Sclerosis

I am working with an MS patient currently see below for more

See also my page on MS

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Hypnotherapy in Ipswich Suffolk for Cancer and Pain Relief

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Useful Resources on Mesothelioma:



Hypnosis in Ipswich for Complementary Relief of Pain Stroke and Cancer and more

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