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Hypnosis in Ipswich for Insomnia – Hypnotherapy treatment for Sleep disorders Insomniac Night Terrors and more

Hypnotherapist in Ipswich Suffolk and Colchester Essex for sleeping disorders and insomnia. Read on:

Learn to sleep again with Hypnosis in Ipswich and deal with the reasons for insomnia.

Insomniacs typically have taught themselves effectively NOT to sleep

Not sleeping? Hypnotherapy for Insomnia and Sleeping Disorders

I am Graham Howes a Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and I specialise in Sleep issues and the often related Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Stress, Alcohol issues, Trauma and Weight Loss, amongst many other things, to help you to learn strategies to diminish and even eradicate the issues that are holding back your success in sleeping again.

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fbg_img_3Hypnotherapy is very effective in treating anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, stress and depression. I will give you the tools to combat these distressing conditions. Ask me how – free consultation 07875720623 Skype Zoom FaceTime or Phone.

People go to bed and think:

“This is the time to worry!” or they think “I will never sleep tonight!”

And guess what?

They have programmed themselves not to sleep … so they won’t sleep!

Really you need to learn how to program yourself to sleep with an easy self hypnosis ritual that gives you the power to sleep again without sleeping problems.

You also need to learn strategies for anxiety worry and stress.

You don’t need me to tell you the effects of lack of sleep.

I am listed on many speciality sleep sites like Sleepeasy for my Hypnotherapy and NLP for insomnia approach which also covers sleeplessness, Dream Therapy for recurrent Nightmares, sleep walkers or hypnagogia treatment (asleep while seeming awake and often hallucinating) and Night Terrors.

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Graham Howes

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“Apologies for not replying last night, I fell asleep naturally. The first time this year! Graham, thank you so much! I’ve woken this morning as fresh as the day, walked the dog, made the wife breakfast in bed and am cracking on with my day with no anxiety in my body. This is amazing. Regards PT” – Co-Founder & Managing Partner of a Finance Company

Not only will your insomnia be cured, more importantly “why ” you have insomnia will be cured too, I am not a money person but that was the best £180 I have ever spent, You will get incredible results from your very first session, I strongly recommend you have the 3 sessions that completes the course. Graham is a true professional that is absolutely fantastic at his job, I can not thank you enough Graham xx

Highly recommend Graham. Absolutely fantastic results!

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moon Sleep like a baby again!

Many people get less than 7 hours sleep which can lead to weight gain anxiety or depression lack of concentration and more … Hypnosis Ipswich for Insomnia 

Man lying in bed turning off an alarm clock in the morning at 7am. Man sleeping in his bedroom. Annoyed man being awakened by an alarm clock in his bedroom

Sleep Disorders – such as Hypnagogia, Night Terrors or Sleep Walking:

Some people might sleep walk, or seem to be awake, but be in a state of hypnagogia; where they have their eyes open and hallucinate.

Many people are relieved to discover that they are not crazy!

I have treated people with night terrors who threw themselves violently out of bed and started swearing at non existent intruders.

I helped a young woman who would see rivers running under her bed – illogical to the viewer but very real to her. Her partner once put towels under the bed to “stem the flow” and she went back to bed to sleep!

Sometimes this is unresolved trauma anxiety or stress or there may be many other reasons.

I work with clients to deal with the condition and have a relaxing night’s sleep!

Hypnosis for sleeping disorders and insomnia

Sleeping disorders, sleep debt, or insomnia can be caused or worsened by anxiety and stress.

A cycle of stress, insomnia and exhaustion feeds of itself in a vicious circle.

People turn to Hypnosis because it offers a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, such as antidepressants, and offers a natural retraining of the brain to learn to sleep calmly again.

In 1973 – 37 College Students with insomnia were assigned to one of three treatments for insomnia:

1: No Treatment

2: Progressive Relaxation with no suggestions

3: Hypnotic relaxation with suggestions aimed at relaxing into a calmer and more restful sleep.

After three therapy sessions, the progressive and hypnotic relaxation groups showed significantly greater improvement than the non treatment group.

And Hypnosis proved significantly more effective than relaxation training.

My approach combines relaxation training with hypnotherapy to suggest a better quality sleep.

You will learn how to sleep like a baby again.

You will also deal with the underlying reasons why you DON’T sleep.


Hypnotherapy for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders in Ipswich

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 Treat Insomnia with Hypnosis in Ipswich Suffolk

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