Life Between Lives

Life Between Lives

I am now offering Life Between Lives which is a very rich experience. It is Past Life Regression PLUS …

It’s a long session of 2 hours or more passing back through this Life through birth to a significant Past Life and beyond to Life between Lives and includes a chance to meet your guide and ask questions about your purpose in this Life.

I take you back through your present life back through birth to a previous life.

We explore that Life and the lessons there through the death experience and beyond to Life between Lives. And I follow the protocols developed by Dr Michael Newton author of “Life between Lives” and many other key books.

Life Between Lives

I then help you develop your “inner temple”  and meet with your inner wisdom / spirit guide to enable you to resolve any questions about Life’s purpose and other inquiries that you might have.

Cost: Currently £120 for two hours or more and a free recording. (Thus is an introductory offer and will go up to £130 – it’s rare in the UK so please make the most of this special offer)

Life Between Lives LBL in IPSWICH SUFFOLK with Graham Howes Past Life Regression Master