Life Between Lives

Life Between Lives

I am now offering Life Between Lives which is a very rich experience.

It is Past Life Regression PLUS … experiencing a between lives experience and enabling people to discover their soul group, guides, purpose here in this incarnation, dealing with karma or trauma carried forward.

It’s a long session of 2 hours or more passing back through this Life through birth to a significant Past Life and beyond to Life between Lives and includes a chance to potentially meet your spirit guide and ask questions about your purpose in this Life.

I take you back through your present life back through birth to a previous life or lives.

Different people experience this differently depending on their beliefs – so one person might meet their soul group in a meadow, another spirit animals guides and ancestors in a garden, another communing with orbs of energy. Still someone else in the Hall of Akashic Records. Or meeting their spirit guide.

We explore that Life and the lessons there through the death experience and beyond to Life between Lives.

And I follow some of the protocols developed by Dr Michael Newton author of “Life between Lives” and many other key books.

Life Between Lives

I can also help you develop your “inner temple”  and meet with your inner wisdom / spirit guide to enable you to resolve any questions about Life’s purpose and other inquiries that you might have.

Cost: Currently £150 for two hours or more and a free recording.

(This is an introductory offer – it’s rare in the UK so please make the most of this special offer- maybe this could be an unusual gift.)

Life Between Lives LBL in IPSWICH SUFFOLK and online with Graham Howes Past Life Regression Master

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