Past Life Regression in Ipswich

Past Life Regression or Life Between Lives and Spiritual Development in Ipswich Suffolk

PLR from Past Life Therapist, Graham Howes, quoted in Jenny Smedley’s books such as SOUL ANGELS and “Chat – It’s Fate” Magazine for spiritual and practical exploration.

Past Life Regression is fascinating and every session is different – for some people it is fun – for others the experience offers a profound spiritual insight into why their life is “like that”.

I am an Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner so sometimes more therapeutic work is required.

We can undertake Present Life Healing using Timeline and other techniques if that is indicated.

I am also qualified and experienced to deal with Trauma Abuse and PTSD.

PTSD Trauma and Abuse


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Receive Past Life Regression in the comfort of your own space.

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fbg_img_3Hypnotherapy is very effective in healing the past and also treating anxiety, panic attacks, stress and depression. I will give you the tools to combat these distressing conditions. Ask me how – free consultation 07875720623 Skype Zoom FaceTime WhatsApp or Phone.

Bad Dream Therapy

I am now offering Past Life and Dream Therapy sessions in Ipswich at my home clinic.

There are many roads to Spirit so I work with you within your belief system. Or maybe you aren’t spiritual but have a different reason for regression – I will accommodate you and your belief system.

Dream Therapy

You sometimes need  find out what a repeated dream means – perhaps your subconscious or unconscious is trying to give you some wisdom?

Or maybe in Dream Therapy we need to understand the purpose of the dream? Jung used to suggest keeping a dream diary and look for the connective tissue in their dreams.

A woman dreamt repeatedly of being unable to escape from a pink container full of fluid. I asked the unconscious to dream that dream again so we could interpret it in hypnosis. We realised that she was trapped in the womb. Her Mother confirmed that she was born prematurely but some “part” of her didn’t get the message – hence the confusion. Once we reintegrated all the parts involved the dreams stopped.

The above example  lead to the often repeated nightmare disappearing as we resolved the inner conflict.

Maybe you are standing on a high diving board with a pool far below .. maybe your unconscious wants you to jump – knowing the pool is there and that risk needs to be taken?

When I was a full time professional actor if I was anxious I might dream of being naked on stage or lost on the way to the stage and hearing my cue coming up or, once, everyone was in different costumes and the set had changed. 

Perhaps fear of failure stops you  – but: “fear is the mind killer” as Buddha said – it is simply there to teach us to do it better next time.

Or maybe we need to learn and move on and teach your unconscious to reprocess a response you no longer want.

We can decide between us which techniques are the best for your self development and freedom to be your authentic self.

I am now offering Life Between Lives .. see below

I am Graham Howes a Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and I work with Past Life and Present Life Regressions Future Life Progressions and Life Between Lives, amongst many other things, to help you to learn strategies to diminish and even eradicate the issues that are holding back your success.

I have run many Spiritual and Personal Development retreats in the UK and Italy.

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Past Life Regression in Ipswich

I was featured in Chat It’s Fate as a leading PLR therapist. I have also featured in Jenny Smedley’s books on Past Life Regression – notably SOUL ANGELS. 

I have been part of a team that was running a spiritual circle in Colchester Essex and propose setting up a Spiritual Circle in Ipswich Suffolk for Spiritual development if there is sufficient interest.

PLR or Past Life Regression is both safe and fun and we use a gentle and enjoyable form of hypnotic trance in a very safe way.

I put in place many safeguards and help facilitate and guide the experience.

I record the session for your later consumption – although clients usually can remember the whole journey.

If it isn’t happening, which sometimes occurs, we look at what is blocking the regression.

Most often it is unresolved issues in this Life and we can clear those using Hypnotherapy or Timeline.

More below on PLR – please Read On ..

Cost is currently £70 for over 90 minutes with free recording. (95 dollars 85 euros)

Call/Text: Graham Howes on 07875720623

Landline: 01473 879561


Past Life Regression IpswichPast Life in Ipswich

Past Life Regression – Come as you were!

FAQs on Past Life Regression in Ipswich and elsewhere

What is Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression?

That is a tricky question as there is fierce debate on the subject! I have shared some of my Past Life sessions with clients, with their permission, with the well known authority Jenny Smedley. She published some of these in her book “Soul Angels” and has quoted me in other books and kindly featured me in “Chat It’s Fate” as a Past Life Therapist of the month.

My experience of my own PLR

I was taught and was regressed by the legendary Susan Arrowsmith. Susan regressed author and columnist on Past Life, Jenny Smedley, which initiated her life long fascination with the subject of PLR!

I was a Publisher of Fine Editions and an Antiquarian Bookseller living in Bath in the 18th Century. I was sceptical before I went into hypnosis but suddenly found that I was a very relaxed version of “me” sitting in a fine leather armchair with a sherry in a sunny room in a posh part of Bath. I was inveighing against cheap printed editions of Books – urging that they should be hand tooled, gold leaf, fine calf leather, good paper

There I was I was drinking a sherry in a sunlit room and awaiting a customer. I did all my Business by Appointment at Home – meeting clients initially in the Coffee House.

Under Susan’s questioning I just seemed to “know” this! It was odd yet fascinating. My Wife was “my wife!” – the keeper of the Household – and I was a somewhat irritable individual.

I was myself but I was also that person!

I was aware of Susan and her room in Norfolk – but I was also very much present in Bath.

To my surprise I was recently in Bath and No 1 Royal Crescent is now a Museum and its occupant was an antiquarian bookseller in the time of Austen and his Shop and Library can still be seen in the centre of Bath. A letter exists where he asked for the continuation of the patronage of a rich individual – so clearly he took over the business.

Sadly due to the pandemic the museum was closed but I hope to visit my “home” one day.

I certainly recognised the view across the road and the frontage of his shop and library still preserved in Milsom street.

Bath of course is famous for Jane Austen – fascinating to speculate that my old fellow might have met her?  There is a mocked up bookshop next door as it would have appeared.

Milsom Street Bath | All Things Georgian
“My bookshop and library in Bath”

These days of course Bath is more famous for Bridgerton.

Semicular terrace of honey-coloured stone buildings with matching doors and windows.

It was one of the most fascinating things that I have ever done. So I can quite see why it is on so many people’s “bucket list” of things they want to do before they die.

Past Life Regression in Ipswich …

I have been regressing people now for over 15 years – sometimes filming the event or recording an audio.

I eventually decided on audio because I had many hours of film of people barely moving – so there was no point in filming!


When I had a weekend hypnotherapy practice in Harley Street some years back I did a Past Life Regression for an old friend. At the time he was unconvinced because this apprentice was an orphan living in Watling street which he was sure had no such houses. He thought he knew the area well.

The regression had his mentor suggesting that the orphan should leave England – as the stigma of being an orphan would get in his way. He told him to go to Australia. A while later, as he was in the area, to his surprise, he found a small cluster of houses that fitted. Also there was a statue to one of its residents – a founder of New South Wales …

He was clearly entrepreneurial back then – in this Life he is now a leading newspaper columnist, author of books, and teaches how to run a successful business and engenders curiosity in budding entrepreneurs.


I had a young French Female Murderer who was Bigamously Married to a Scottish Laird. Her task was to provide an heir. The Laird’s other wife hated her and so she murdered the opposition who had tormented her with the aid of a Cook!

She kept avoiding this dark tower in the regression where she was kept with her son … it became clear that she faced execution for her crime!

Back in Dickens’ Time:

I had a Woman who was a Man back in the nineteenth century and published satirical Magazines.

She described life as an orphan on the streets stealing to survive. She grew up and ended up working for a Magazine.

She then started on her/his own on subscription and prospering.

She described in detail with addresses and details of the street and dress of people in 19th Century Whitechapel – where she has never been – and I know well. Fascinating!

PLR varies!

My partner Karen was an “Emily” who just wanted to wander the moors and told me to shut up! She is a Bronte fan so I was tempted to speculate the surname!


Then there are people who need closure: like the little girl lost in a cold mist – the subject of repeated dreams,

She came to me for Dream Therapy. She had been in a situation in the First World War where her Mother had moved in a new man who disliked her and was cruel to the little girl. She described the area and where she had run away.

We realised that this was sadly why she died and the dreams disappeared. The spooky thing is she played it to her Mother who went pale: it had happened in her Family exactly as described and was the Family skeleton in the cupboard!

Another Man had been run through in a Medieval Battle in the spot where, up until that time,  he had an unexplained strange ache that wasn’t for any other discernible reason.

Some people prefer to just experience the whole thing without interruption – one I pity that I was unable to question because she was Emily on the Moor who in a gruff Yorkshire Irish accent told me to shut up!

Another very Suffolk Lady became the Lady of a Cumbrian Mansion and treated me like a servant.

I worked with Artist Hayley Lock – who was a Classical Pianist in war torn occupied Europe in the late 1930s – she discovered she was synaesthetic – able to see music as colours sometimes instead of hearing it – Bach is red, Brahms brown and Vivaldi shades of green it seems. It was a fascinating session and very detailed: names places etc.

An American lady author had a session and turned out to be three people in different centuries: a native American in a village of tents and the men had gone to War never to return; then a 19th Century Virginian patchwork quilt maker; finally a young boy working in his Father’s Norwich pub in the 15th Century minus a hand – lopped off for stealing a flute!

I have to be prepared for everything – so thank goodness for my years as an Actor Director and Writer!

I had one person who was very confused – it seemed she was in a Medieval Library in a Monastery and again she was a he – a small boy.

I tried to get some sense and then asked for the boy to open a book.

He did and described stunning pictures of an obviously hand decorated gold encrusted Bible.

What did it say?

I was fascinated – and then thought it would be in Latin the language of the educated determined to keep their distance from the hoi polloi.

But actually she/he could not read at all – why did I assume that?

Classic mistake.

It was a lively session as the Monastery was invaded and sacked – fortunately the boy survived that to grow up as a Monk himself.

Someone else was aware of speaking a different language and of translating – like my “publisher”, when I was regressed, there was the present day mixed with the past person. Intriguingly she also talked sometimes about the person as “I” and sometimes “she”.

I have regressed people for whom English is a second language without issue.

This person had almost nothing to tell beyond an intimate knowledge of the immediate rudimentary shelter in a woods, the nearby river and animal hunting.

When I asked her to look in the river and say what she saw – it was a girl in skins, perhaps in Europe and isolated many centuries ago.

I quote these to illustrate that no two PLR sessions – at least for me – are the same. 

I don’t take a person through the Death experience in Past Life Regressions – on the basis that the last thing I want them to have to do is relive a potentially traumatic incident.

There is only a point to doing this in Life Between Lives sessions

I therefore DO ask people to take with them learnings from the session and resolve any problems in THIS Life which is where it might be affecting them – whether it be Karma or Deja Vu or any sense of anything that needs to be resolved or removed.

Life Between Lives

I am now offering Life Between Lives which is a very rich experience. It is Past Life Regression PLUS … SEE THE PAGE CLICK LIFE BETWEEN LIVES

Cost: Currently £130 for two hours or more and a free recording. (170 dollars 150 Euros)

(This is an introductory offer  – it’s rare in the UK so please make the most of this special offer)

Future Life Progression

I have also done some FLP – which is popular in the US – in other words Future Life Progression – plan for your success and envision a better future for yourself.

It is not fortune telling of future your life now – but gives a glimpse of how to make a possible future life.

See my webpage below on this different approach: 

Future Life Progression 

More on Regression Therapy

Some regressions are packed with detail and I try to elicit this as evidence to be researched while some people just prefer a recreational trip back (or forward!).

Present Life Regression Therapy

Whether it is finding out blocks and problems or removing trauma or a habit or dealing with pain from the past – regression is a powerful tool

We can’t change what happened but we can change how you feel about it.

We find the Initiating Sensory Experience (ISE) by asking the unconscious to locate the very first instance of the response so we can collapse the unwanted influence going forward.

Present Life Regression Clearance and Inner Child Healing and Hypnoanalysis

I use regression frequently to enable a person to move on from trauma or when they have a feeling of being blocked in their progress or unable to move on from some tragedy.

Often a fear or phobia might be based in a past experience or experiencing a parent or care giver displaying a fearful or phobic response.

Perhaps they told them to stay away from dogs as dirty or dangerous or shrieked at a spider!

Sometimes we need clearance to clear away old habitual ways of thinking and responding.

We know we cannot change what happened but we can change how you feel and respond to similar triggers.

At other times we need to ask the unconscious mind.

The unconscious or subconscious mind “knows” or it wouldn’t trigger that craving to self medicate or that anxiety traumatic response or panic!

Perhaps if there was a traumatic childhood or event their inner child needs reassurance or comfort?

Perhaps we need to use rewind therapy to undo the response.

Maybe we need the Clearance Protocol to clear out the rubbish in Life?

Each intervention is benign and I have no person shaped hole in my front door!

Talk to me free to see how this powerful therapy can help you:

Mobile: 07875720623

Landline: 01473 879561

Skype: grahamhowes1


Which regression is right for you?

Everyone has a different reason to look for Past Life from recurrent dreams, to unexplained feelings, to psychic certainty that the answer lies back there.

So you make your choice what you believe and what you want – I have facilitated many fascinating regressions and healed quite a few mental and physical wounds too.

Is it a diagnostic of a problem that comes out as a kind of metaphor?

Or is it a completely real phenomenon and we have to work through our blocks and karma?

Whatever it is to you – I never judge and have always tried to give people the best experience and to heal where necessary.

If you are interested in knowing more – talk to me, email me for a FREE personal consultation.

Are you interested in becoming a part of a Spiritual and Personal Development Circle?

Please indicate your interest by contacting me and I can set up group sessions if I have 5 or more at reasonable cost.

Talking to your Inner Advisor or Spirit Guide

Perhaps you need to get in touch with your Inner Advisor or Innate Wisdom or Spirit Guide.

We create your temple and invite the guide in and this gives you access to your inner wisdom or the knowledge in the Cosmic Consciousness – we know far more than we think we do – there is a lot of wisdom that we know without consciously knowing it.

What is the Unconscious?

Often our unconscious awareness is far more able than the conscious mind at resolving challenges. It is said the conscious mind can handle 7 plus or minus 2 tasks simultaneously. I wonder about this because if I even ask you to sing a song, pat your head, rub your stomach AND work out a Maths problem – let’s see how you get on! That’s not even 4!

Maybe the Conscious mind just does several things singly but very fast giving the appearance of multi tasking?

The unconscious or subconscious processes are reckoned to be 4 MILLION PLUS per second – now that’s the resource you need to be tuning into! It can keep your heart beating, lungs breathing, handle the many routine tasks, answer questions and help decisions drawing on memory and experience or inference.

It can help you with benign learned tasks but can also drive habits you don’t necessarily still want!

It knows just about everything you have seen experienced or learned – in this and other existences.

About Graham Howes:

I have been an Actor Writer Theatre director and a Harley Street Hypnotherapist with a strong interest in esoteric hypnosis – I was featured in Chat It’s Fate as a leading Past Life Regression practitioner and some of the regressions have been quoted in PLR Author Jenny Smedley’s books and in her Chat It’s Fate column where I was featured Past Life therapist.

I have also been working experimentally with Visual Artist Hayley Lock in relation to Creativity, Mindfulness, Cosmic Consciousness, Collective Unconscious, Automatic Writing and Drawing, Lucid Dreaming and Past Life Regression. We have appeared publicly at Arts events, Spike Island Art Gallery – with some of Hayley’s work inspired by the hypnosis sessions – and for the British Psychological Society in London where we demonstrated Automatic Writing and Drawing.

I have programmed and run Italian Retreats in the Garfagnana Mountains near Barga Tuscany Italy on the topic of Mindful Personal and Spiritual Development using the medium of guided self hypnosis.

As part of my interests I plan to run a one off and very rare workshop featuring Derek Barnes a leading World expert in Shamanic Chanting traditions: Sound Improvisation, Shamanic Chanting and Trance for Healing and Creativity.

If you are interested please contact me for a chat as I need a core of 5 people for this to work.

Prices vary from £15 for a two hours Large Group workshop to full day Small Group Workshops at £85 or One to One sessions at £65

I am a practicing Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner ex Harley Street and offer one to one Past Life Regressions for £65 inclusive of Audio Recording. Group sessions are very different in that it won’t be a dialogue but an internal process. I work very safely please talk to me for more.

I am happy to regress you personally in Ipswich Suffolk at my Private Practice – I don’t charge the Earth because I believe it is a valuable experience – just £65 for up to two hours and an audio CD or MP3 of the session.

I practice very safe past life regression – you are in very watchful hands.

I hope that you have found this interesting there are details on individual Past Life Regression sessions on the link.

See you soon!


Trances for Self Healing and Self Development Workshops in  Ipswich Suffolk

I will soon be offering a one day group workshop which teaches you self hypnosis for self healing and moving beyond blocks and habits while also learning how to really move along spiritual development.

I have helped facilitate spiritual circles and run week long spiritual retreats in Italy and been a part of one day retreats at Inner Guidance Lavenham, Tree Room Centre Colchester and Tiptree Essex.

Contact me if you want to book a place – the cost will be £85 for a packed day with a free CD and Manual.

Call/Text: Graham Howes on 07875720623

Landline: 01473 879561


Spiritual Development Trance Circle in Ipswich

If there is interest I will run some spiritual circle sessions in Ipswich with various top quality guests such as mediums, tarot experts, angel card readers etc.

You can contact me at the above.


Hayley and I have demonstrated channelling  where in deep hypnosis she sees many images and draws and speaks of what she is experiencing. We started at Spike Island Art Gallery in Bristol where Artist Hayley Lock and I demonstrated one of our work in progress trance sessions in public. Then we did an event for The British Psychological society, an evening in Brick Lane as a “turn”, Home Art Gallery in collaboration with Prof John Hyatt ex Three Johns punk band, Pages Art Gallery Manchester, the Minories Art Gallery in Colchester, and a performance of THE WICHES TEAT outside Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich as a part of a Guerilla Art Day! 

 In the past Hayley and I have worked with Past Life Regression and such ancient forms as Automatic Writing and Drawing.

I put Hayley into deep trance and we did some eyes open Lucid Dreaming in front of a packed audience – where Hayley drew what she was seeing while in deep trance and described the dream state she was exploring and I was facilitating. Sometimes we had a camera on her forehead to show on a screen what she was drawing.

One session was inspired from some of the later works of Carlos Castaneda and was titled “Chasing Carlos Castaneda.” Another loosely based around Bowie’s white witch.

Hayley is exploring altered states in her Art work.

Past Life Regression Life Between Life and Present Life Regression and Future Life Progression in Ipswich Suffolk

71 Lacey Street




Call/Text: Graham Howes on 07875720623

Landline: 01473 879561



Past Life Regression
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