Weight Loss and Stop Smoking

How to lose weight, stop smoking, and manage alcohol use with hypnosis

Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation are often linked

Many clients were concerned that if they stopped smoking they would put on weight and become obese. Some other clients were overeating and smoking. Others were also abusing alcohol.

These things are all linked and are the underlying reasons why quit smoking and diet programs often fail: you need to understand what is driving the self medication in order to manage weight and stop poisoning yourself with smoke, alcohol, or becoming ill because of obesity.

How to Stop Smoking and NOT Gain Weight

Smoking kills – there is NO doubt on this – please see my webpage on stopping smoking if you want the detailed FACTS.

Stop Smoking

However take it as read that each intake of smoke takes 4000 plus poisons down to your lungs leaving a black sticky residue similar to black treacle in appearance. This impedes your ability to breathe. The chemicals then pass into your blood system and circulate the polluted blood to all your major organs. You have a one in three chance of emphysema or cancer the other two thirds can be seriously affecting your ability to breathe.

It’s not enough to just put you off smoking. You also need to address WHY you smoke or eventually fail. The other side effect is substituting food and alcohol for smoking to address your needs. Perhaps you might smoke drink and eat to excess.

How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting

The latest diet and slimming gimmick or pill will usually fail because you have to understand the drivers for overeating and get Weight Management, motivation and some exercise going. See my Weight Loss Page for details below.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

How to Control Alcohol Use

Alcohol abuse or AUD – has its reasons from “wine o’ clock” rewards that become the habitual bottle every night and the sluggish feelings as your liver and kidneys struggle with the systematic abuse of your system. This can lead to cirrhosis of the liver and other physical damage.

Any one of these habits could lead to serious illness because you are abusing your body and the body eventually reacts.

Alcohol Use Disorder or even Alcoholism is a Habitual Dependence that can be reduced

You could learn how to get alcohol use under control and reduce it’s usage or even STOP.

More on Alcohol Abuse here

The outcomes of overeating, Smoking and Alcohol misuse are clear:

You could end up suffering Obesity with Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Osteoarthritis, Cardiac and Circulatory problems.

My deluxe 5 part course will help you stop smoking for good, lose weight and keep it off, manage your alcohol intake or stop, deal with the drivers for the behaviour and fins new strategies that work better.

Drivers for these habits or cravings can be: anxiety, stress, boredom, depression, lack of self esteem and many more.

The course is bespoke and built around your requirements.

So would you like to be happier, more balanced, fitter, richer, less obese and able to deal honestly and effectively with your problems in Life?

BOOK NOW THE 5 PART DELUXE COURSE for an introductory £300 or book the individual courses – although all THREE courses taken individually would be £620!


Email: grahamahowes@me.com

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