Workshop for Spiritual and Personal Development Ipswich 

Spiritual Circle and Personal Development Workshops in Ipswich Suffolk using Hypnotic Trance

Spiritual and Personal Development Workshops in Ipswich Suffolk:

Personal and Spiritual Development training through Hypnotic Trance and guided meditation. Bespoke Workshop from Graham Howes Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner with experience in Esoteric Hypnosis I am a Leading Practitioner of Past Life Regression. I am quoted in Jenny Smedley Books on PLR and “Chat: It’s Fate” Magazine.

Demonstration of Deep Trance Hypnosis –


Graham Howes with Artist Hayley Lock

Christchurch Park Lawn in front of Christchurch Mansion Ipswich Saturday 18th August at 2:30pm

 Esoteric Hypnosis – Hayley goes into Deep Trance and channels into art and spoken word what she is seeing. 

We have done this for the British Psychological Society and in many Art Galleries – the last being at Home in Manchester with Musician and Artist Professor John Hyatt. We have never shown this in Ipswich.

A rare chance to see what hypnotic deep trance looks like when a person is deeply hypnotised.. 

Free Event

Spiritual and Psychic Development Circle Ipswich

Anyone interested in forming a circle using hypnosis to explore esoteric matters please contact me; 07875720623

Self Hypnosis Courses in Ipswich – Trance Workshops

Learn Self Hypnosis in a day course tailored to your Personal or Spiritual Development needs (Within Reason!):

Deal with your own Pain Insomnia Anxiety Stress Depression Panic Fear or Phobia Confidence and other issues. Learn in very small groups.

A great Introduction to Hypnotic Trance and it’s Ancient Power to Help us Assist Healing in Ourselves.

Learn how to “Inquire Within” for answers that are already there.

Get in Touch with the Collective Unconscious or Spirit World or Other Realms

Find your Spirit Animal

Self development starts with questioning your present mindset

Learn Regression – Past or Present Life

Hypnosis for Personal Growth and Spiritual Development.

Learn Hypnotic Trance for Psychic Development.

Automatic Writing and Drawing.


Meet your Spirit Guide or Inner Genius

How to Create your own Success And Abundance.

Develop Psychic Powers

Extended Past Life Regression sessions

More here: Past Life Regression in Ipswich

Manage every day Stresses Anxieties and Worries

Inner Child Therapy

Dream Therapy – Understand your dreams

And More ..

I am also an Aadvanced Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I can offer one to one Hypnotherapy sessions in Ipswich or Colchester

FREE CONSULTATION with Graham: 07875720623 Skype grahamhowes1

Want Answers to knotty problems?

Inquire within to contact your inner genius

Spiritual Retreats and Personal Development Workshops in Ipswich Suffolk – My Experience:

I have run many retreats in Barga Italy in a Mountain Retreat on a Chestnut Farm and have been a part of facilitating Spiritual Development Circles in Colchester and in One Day retreats in Lavenham Suffolk, Tiptree Essex, and other parts of Essex.

I regularly demonstrate eyes open hypnotic trance where Artist Hayley Lock goes into deep trance and shares her hallucinations in her altered state by automatic writing and drawing and also describes what she is experiencing.

Deep Trance Hallucination
With Artist Hayley Lock demonstrating Public Deep Trance Phenomena
Demonstrating automatic writing and Drawing while hallucinating in Trance
Hayley Lock demonstrating automatic writing and drawing while hallucinating in Trance

We have presented at the British Psychological Society, Pages Art Gallery in Manchester (in a collaboration with Musician and Artist John Hyatt – ex Three Johns), Spike Island in Bristol, the Minories Art Gallery in Colchester, Home Art Gallery, and various other Public Events – we love to be invited! We hope to do some group trance work and demonstrations at the Cabinet of Curiosities in East London soon. We were in Ipswich August 18th 2018 for the first time.

Often Hayley also shows her art work inspired by the altered state work.

Finding your own light
Find your Light – All Images may be subject to copyright
Spiritual and Self Development Workshops in Ipswich Suffolk

I will be driven by your requirements – it excludes full Mainstream Hypnotherapy sessions such as Stop Smoking or detailed bespoke Weight Loss and many treatments for Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Phobia, Trauma, PTSD, Abuse and much more. Those come under regular Hypnotherapy sessions – see the rest of the website.

Opening your mind with trance and spiritual development
Spiritual Development Workshop in Ipswich All Images May be subject to copyright
Let the past be the passed
Personal Development Workshop in Ipswich
Negativity binds us
Let the Past be the Passed

One to one sessions available.

Past Life Regression PLR and FLR – I have been quoted in many Books on the subject.

Cost: £80 per delegate for a whole day event working with YOU

(Would make a great gift – Vouchers Available.)

Find your Spirit Animal

A meditation to find your Spirit Animal.

Psi development – Psychic

Begin to open up your psychic centres

What is Trance?

Trance was used by the earliest Humans on the Planet for Healing and Spiritual Progression or Investigation. The Ancient Egyptians had Healing Dream Temples using Trance as did the Ancient Greeks. Native Americans held trance rituals in sweat lodges. Whirling Dervishes use twirling to induce Trance. Many Cultures Used Drumming Dance or Drugs to induce the Altered State of Consciousness known as Trance. Monks Meditate. Athletes “get in the zone”. Actors “in the moment”. Musicians “in the flow”. Hypnosis gets you into the same state of focussed awareness but just much faster.

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All Images May be Subject to Copyright – If I have mistakenly used any not in Public Domain I will remove them immediately

Hypnotism for Spiritual and Self Development and Self Healing in Ipswich Suffolk from Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner Graham Howes – Spiritual and Personal Development Workshops in Ipswich Suffolk using Hypnotic Trance Spiritual Development Circle in Ipswich

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