Fear of Vaccination for Covid-19 or injection phobia

Many people fear injections and yet we are probably are all going to have to be vaccinated against Covid in order to return to normal. Many of us also have a fear of the dentist injecting us. Some of us may have to have an operation or need treatment in order to get pregnant.

However fear or phobia of injections is almost always learnt from an unpleasant experience or witnessing an injection gone wrong. We learn to be fearful of the vaccination.

I had my covid-19 injection recently and I have to say that new technology means that you barely feel it. But what we imagine is much worse so its easy to amp it up.

I am not suggesting that the fear or phobia of a vaccination isn’t real but I do know that it can be undone with hypnotherapy.

I have successfully in person and with online hypnosis eradicated or reduced people’s fear of the injection which enables them to be vaccinated or to get that important life saving injection. Or enabling people who would otherwise be unable to have a baby to get pregnant. Or to enable that dental procedure to go ahead.

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I can offer in person (Coronavirus permitting) or via Skype Zoom or FaceTime.


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