How Hypnotherapy can help when CBT or Counselling fails to work

How Hypnotherapy can help when Counselling or CBT fails to work:

How Hypnotherapy can help when Counselling or CBT fails to work:

When Counselling or CBT haven’t helped you – it is likely that the type of Hypnotherapy that I use will help:

I had a client who has just left this morning who liked the fact that she doesn’t need to relive her trauma.
She doesn’t need to explore bad experiences.
There is no need to trigger that phobia.
There is no need to be slave to that unwanted habit.
Because she can deal with them at a subconscious level.
The subconscious knows all about the problem.
But it only knows what it knows.
We can educate it to learn new approaches and deal with the issue.
This we do by rehearsing different outcomes, or visualising alternative approaches, or we learn strategies to free ourselves from that anxiety, stress, habit or phobia.
Behavioural Therapy such as CBT and Counselling can help with many issues. 
You analyse the behaviour – but sometimes that just reaffirms the disturbing nature of the issue. It doesn’t necessarily offer solutions.
The unconscious or subconscious knows about whatever it is or it wouldn’t stimulate the unwanted response.
So if you created the habit or response then you can undo that habit through a powerful combination of content free Hypnotherapy and NLP.
Once upon a time it fulfilled some sort of need or provided protection – but times change – and you may want to move on without that response!
Behavioural Therapy such as CBT and Counselling can help but sometimes just reaffirms the disturbing nature of the issue
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When your Gastric Band isn’t working there is a treatment

What to do When Your Gastric Band is Failing you

I have had a sudden influx of people who are deemed to be obese who have the real Gastric Band. They had the Bariatric Surgery for obesity but are still trying to over eat.

Why is the Gastric Band not working?

The problem is that it sometimes works when you put the physical intervention of a Gastric Band or a Gastric Bypass etc BUT if the patient did not deal with WHY they overeat then they will often be in a worse position! They will crave to overeat but the Gastric Band, at least in some cases, stops them from doing that. So what do they do? They get creative.


The Gastric Band has little impact if they are a Sugar Addict or crave the tranquillising effects of Binge or Comfort Eating or Grazing!

Clients have admitted blitzing food in a liquidiser to get past the system. Puréed Fish and Chips anyone?

How Hypnosis NLP and Hypnotherapy can help with Obesity and a Real Gastric Band

I have a great deal of experience with the Virtual Gastric Band or HypnoGastricBand Hypnosis – sometimes known as Hypno Band or Mind Band – so now I am offering an after care service to deal with the overeating connected with the REAL Gastric Band.

We will find strategies for such things as stress, boredom, anxiety, worry, depression and more.

We will deal with the food addiction – if that is what drives the excessive eating or drinking. Actually it is a habit not an addiction.

Together we can tackle the chocolate or sugar or alcohol addiction.

Together we can tackle all the underlying reasons driving the overeating so that, with the Gastric Band, you get the overeating and obesity under your control.

We look at HOW to tackle obesity.

Which means that the Gastric Band can finally do it’s work and curb the appetite.

Graham Howes Certified Hypno Gastric Band Practitioner Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex GHR registered and GHSC regulated CNHC approved

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